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The Hernandez Center 
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According to the Nutritional Business Journal, minerals and supplements generated about $32 billion in revenue in 2012, and are projected to double that by topping $60 billion in 2021. Supplements are big business and are a staple adjunct in naturopathic medical practices.

In this issue of the newsletter, Dr. Connie muses on the politics and efficacy of pharmaceuticals and supplements and writes on the need for nutrient supplementation; Elijah Free, returning to writing for the newsletter, speaks of his inspirational efforts to address PTSD and offers discounts and gifts to his patients; Dr. Marcel discusses his five favorite supplements; Dr. Corrine, once again focusing on stress management, offers her thoughts on supplements for adrenal health. Jane Hernandez, on vacation, will return to this publication next month. Nicole Noceto, acupuncture student and future colleague, is deep into her academic program.

Also in this newsletter is our repeating information on Vitamin B12, the I.V. therapy packages at our clinic and the Hernandez Center offerings on cancer therapy.

Be Well.

Dr. Connie, Dr. Marcel, Dr. Corrine and your care team at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care

Dr. Connie's Musings...
Dr. Connie muses near the pond in Hawaii

Musings on Supplements
and Pharmaceuticals

The vehemence with which "quack busters" and conventional media attack dietary supplements and botanical and homeopathic remedies never ceases to amaze me.  This from the same folks who apparently have no problem with pharmaceuticals for which television commercials portray beautiful smiling people floating through enchanting landscapes while the spoken words detail out serious and diverse side effects and complications, and warn that "death has happened" for people taking the medicine.  

And no problem with flu shots being (by the Center for Disease Control statistics) less than 25% effective; anti depressants often being no better than 50% effective; and statin medications creating a host of side effects while depleting CoQ10, a nutrient fundamental to heart health.
What could be wrong with this picture? Why go to huge lengths to publish supplement studies with inaccurate dosing of inferior products that are then shown either to be not effective (often for conditions they were not designed to treat) or somehow harmful in questionable retrospective studies. This, when the clinical experience of both patients and practitioners demonstrates satisfaction and efficacy, without evidence of the theoretic toxicities.
It is not that there is no risk in taking supplements. Too much of just about anything can cause real problems. At least one person died, famously, from drinking too much water in a water drinking contest. Individual persons may have allergies or sensitivities, particularly to botanicals contained in supplements, or may have biochemical idiosnycracies which interefere with the processing of otherwise harmless ingredients.
And it is not that all supplements are created equal. Not all parts of a plant are equal in therapeutic value. Roots often serve a different therapeutic purpose than leaves or flowers. A given plant medicine may be far more effective when in combination with other plant medicines.  And methods of extraction, preservation and formulation are fundamental to efficacy.
And it is not that the monitoring of the purity of the supplements and the accuracy of the listing of active constituents is all that it should be. Various studies have noted huge discrepancies in stated vs actual ingredients, and in potencies of many health food store supplements. (That is the reason that Pacific Naturopathic carries supplements from reputable manufacturers.)
It seems to be, rather that, in an industry that makes millions on their products, pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in persuading the general public that they are far safer taking the pricey patented products on which the companies have spent millions on advertising and testing (often by researchers with financial interest in the product) rather than engaging in that risky business of taking time tested remedies with reasonable prices and little evidence of harm.  
The upshot of this greed driven dishonesty is that many of our patients are averse to believing in the efficacy of even those pharmaceuticals which we advise them to take, and are understandably confused when medical reporters report that those supplement that are helping them are somehow useless, or, worse, harmful.  

There is a place for pharmaceutical remedies and a place for supplements. As with all things, buyer be ware.

*  *  *

Read more about the medical services Dr. Connie offers  here:

Ending PTSD 
(post traumatic stress disorder)
-- One Veteran's Answer

PTSD occurs when there has been extended periods of extreme stress that cause metabolic changes in the body. When this has occurred often enough, then the body adapts to these continual stressful situations. The final result is PTSD.

PTSD means that the cortisol system of the body is chronically spiking with elevated cortisol levels that throw the body into an extreme flight or fight response. It means that the person living in that body is now no longer in the driver's seat all of the time anymore.

Simply put, the body believes it is still in a live or die situation, and stays perpetually in the heightened state of survival. This chemical signature of chronic high cortisol becomes turned on and the body just cannot turn it off anymore. It is always present 24/7-365.

In 2012, President Obama charged the medical branches of the Armed Forces to do something about the mental and psychological well-being and health of their GI's.
My answer became the all-herbal formula called Cortisol-Ease™.

Cortisol-Ease™ works on naturalizing the damaged and degraded chemical signals of the body that lead to metabolic imbalances. Cortisol-Ease™ was created and designed to neutralize and reduce chronic spiking cortisol levels in the body. This aids in returning the spiking cortisol to normal parameters, thus finally bringing once and for all to an end, the ongoing metabolic condition of war in the body.

For more product information please go to: or to purchase the product, 

A documentary video about the healing of the first war vet with severe PTSD has been filmed and is available to view on our site, Bring Our Vets All the Way Home. Please HERE click to view.  
More Product Information:

PTSD can be from sources other than war violence. PTSD can be the product of family violence, or violence of different types against another human being.
Either way, PTSD as a result of excess spiking cortisol takes away the quality of life, and in cases, life itself.

There are many types of stress that are now constantly present. This can include prolonged emotional or physical abuse, wartime experiences, stressful jobs or lack of a job and numerous other difficult or painful repetitive events.

When this continually occurs over a period of time, the body becomes used to over-producing cortisol as a means to cope with the flight or fight mechanism.   High cortisol levels constantly act to create more cortisol. The cortisol levels that are high generally stay high when spiking. They do not usually return to non-spiking normality after they remain high and spiking for an extended period of time. High cortisol levels are self-perpetuating. This is one of the main reasons that excess cortisol is such a problem

The herbs in Cortisol-Ease help to neutralize the excess spiking cortisol in the system and over a period of taking Cortisol-Ease, the cortisol system in the body can begin to return to normal, as the symptoms of PTSD finally fade away for good.

*  *  *
M aster Herbalist and Owner/Formulator Elijah Free of Earth Friend Herb Co. and associate at Pacific Naturopathic Clinic is a veteran of the Viet Nam conflict. Elijah has designed and produced an all-herbal formula to help nullify and reverse the chemical changes that occur in the body over extended periods of extreme stress that lead to chronically spiking PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome).

To schedule an 
appointment with Elijah, 
please phone 650-917-1121.
Special Discounts and Gifts 
from Elijah Free

photo by Elijah

Dear Friends,

I am sure that it may have been obvious that I have been away a lot from the clinic these past months.
If you take a look at my article (above) this month and view the video, "Ending PTSD-One Veteran's Answer,"  you will understand that I have been spending a great deal of time on my project to end post traumatic stress disorder in veterans.

Please visit and see what I have been up to.  Then please like us on Facebook and connect with me on LinkedIn.
Now, on to the main reason for this article.

Since I have been away more that I would like to, for the next few months I would like to give an appreciation to readers of our newsletter.   Until the publication of our next Pacific Naturopathic Newsletter, the following discounts and gifts will be available to you.

Please note, that you will activate them from going to my personal site, and mail me a direct email from there to obtain your gift certificate. These certificates will not be available from the front desk. You will need to go to the site, click on contact and email me directly. You will then in the next day or two I'll send you your gift certificate for extra time in a session at no extra charge, or your choice of one of my Earth Friend Herb Co. products.
Offer #1. If you are a current patient, and have not seen me at the clinic for the past three months or more you may receive an extra ½ hour on a session if you book that session and use it before the next newsletter.

If you pre-pay for the sessions, you may purchase any number that you would like, as long as you use them all before the next newsletter. Just remember that you will need to go to the site and email me for your certificate for this gift.
Offer #2. For patients who are current, and whom I have seen during the past three months (90 days), for each session that you have between this newsletter and the next, you will receive one of my Earth Friend Herb Co. products free. Again, you will need to go to the site and email me for a gift certificate for this gift.
Offer #3. Refer a new patient that schedules their session between now and the next newsletter and receive an extra ½ hour on any session that you book and use between now and the next newsletter. If it is for a first session, make sure they get the gift certificate first, and then make their appointment. You will receive your extra ½ after they make their appointment and complete it. Again, you will need to go to the site and email me for a gift certificate for this gift.
Offer #5. And there is more! For all of my patients, you will receive a jar of Earth Friend Herb Co. lip balm as a gift, just because you are wonderful! And one more time, please obtain your gift certificate for the lip balm by mailing me from Again, this offer is valid only if used before the next newsletter.

In Health,

*  *  *

For an appointment with Elijah Free, please contact 650-917-1121

My Five Favorite Supplements


Naturopathic doctors use supplements for two main reasons: 1) to bring about changes in biochemistry to correct imbalances and 2) to promote optimal health.  As Dr. Connie noted, the adulterations in our food chain wrought by agribusiness have significantly compromised the nutritional content of meats and produce to the point where many people, even those with "healthy" diets, are nutrient depleted or biochemically compromised.
Although I can think of many different supplements that have great value, I thought I would pick five that I know from personal experience to produce positive results.
Mentharil - Ever experience roiling, gurgling, cramping intestines? Mentharil are tiny, oil filled gels that bring relief to intestinal cramping.  The oils in Mentharil include extracts of peppermint, rosemary, and thyme that are calming and soothing to the gastrointestinal tract.  The enteric-coated softgels allow the essential oils to move through the stomach to the small intestine and eventually to the colon, where they are released for optimum benefit.

Ligament Restore - Stiff hands?  Mild joint pain?  Ligament Restore is a formula that combines ingredients found naturally in tendons, ligaments and joints to help strengthen and support the maintenance and natural repair processes of healthy connective tissue.  I know that Ligament Restore works because I do experience a slight bit of stiffness in my hand joints when I neglect to take it and do physical work, like hammering, digging or painting.

Theracurmin -- Curcumin is very poorly absorbed. Theracurmin® is a unique preparation of turmeric (Curcuma longa) that utilizes patented colloidal dispersion technology to enhance bioavailability and dramatically increase curcumin levels in the blood.  Several clinical studies have shown Theracurmin to possesses an ability to reduce tissue damage caused by inflammation, improve liver function, increase the ability of the heart to function more efficiently, and increase the flexibility of the arteries.  In our clinic, we also use curcumin in I.V. form to treat inflammation and cancer.
Rex Eme Cream - Although not a supplement, Rex Eme cream has been a staple in our clinic (and our medicine cabinet) for many years. No other topical product has we know of can so dramatically turn around of the most stubborn skin conditions. Rashes disappear overnight and itching and irritation cease almost immediately, leaving skin anew, soft and clear. Rex Eme Cream contains no fragrances, steroids, colorings or harmful preservatives and won't clog skin pores. The Cream may be used for age spots, Athletes foot, bed sores, cuts, denture sores, diaper rash, eczema (chronic and seasonal), excessive dryness, hemorrhoids, irritation/itching, jock itch, flea or other insect bites, poison ivy, psoriasis, ringworm, stretch marks, seborrhea, burns and windburn.
CoQ10 -- Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is found in every cell of the body. Your body makes CoQ10, and your cells use it to produce the energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules.  CoQ10 helps the heart function more efficiently and is a powerful adjunct in treating periodontal disease.  It also boosts overall energy and speeds recovery from exercise. Some people take it to help reduce the effects that certain medicines, like Lipitor, can have on the heart, muscles, and other organs.
These and other high-quality supplements are available in our clinic for established patients.

For more on Dr. Marcel's work click  HERE.

Supplements for Adrenal Health

Corrine Wang, N.D.

One of the most common complaints I see coming into my practice is stress-related fatigue and other accompanying symptoms of stress including anxiety or racing thoughts, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, and more. For helping with stress, an all-around approach needs to be taken to decrease stress and rebalance the body. This includes lifestyle factors of stress-reducing techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, exercise, and a regular bedtime. 

There are also basic nutritional supplements and herbs that are supportive of your adrenal glands, the glands that help you cope with stress. Modifying lifestyle factors along with supplementing with adrenal nutrients and herbs is the quickest way to restoring adrenal health and increasing energy and vitality. Listed below are some of the main nutrients and herbs that are great for your adrenal glands:
Ascorbic acid or vitamin C

Not only is vitamin C helpful for the immune system, but it is critical for adrenal gland function and recovery as well. It is a cofactor for producing cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Because it is water-soluble and quickly used up and excreted from the body, it should be taken several times per day.  With increase in stress, your body's need for vitamin C (along with other nutrients) increases.
B-complex, especially pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

B vitamins play a huge role in metabolism, maintaining energy levels, and helping with mood. Like with vitamin C, as stress increases, the amounts of B vitamins needed by the body also increase.  Pantothenic acid, or B5, is especially crucial for adrenal gland function.
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice root has long been used for centuries in traditional Chinese Medicine and can increase energy, endurance, and nourish the adrenal gland. It increases the half-life of cortisol, allowing it to function longer in the body so that the adrenals do not have to put out as much during times of stress due to the decreased breakdown. It can also help decrease symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, a problem commonly seen in decreased adrenal function.
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb that is a tonic for all kinds of weaknesses and promotes strength and vigor. It is an adaptogen, meaning it brings adrenal function back into the normal range, whichever direction the imbalance is. Thus, if cortisol levels are high, ashwagandha will lower them, and if cortisol levels are low, it will increase them. Ashwagandha also decreases inflammation, so it can be useful in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, which are commonly seen in states of adrenal fatigue.
To see where you are in the stress response and how much stress has affected you, please come in for an evaluation of your adrenal status. We will also assess other areas that can be affected by stress (such as the thyroid gland), and a treatment plan that is specific to your needs will be created.

  For more information or to make an appointment 
please contact us at (650) 917-1121.

F or more information about Dr. Corrine Wang and her mind/body approach to healing, please visit her website at

The Why and How of Nutrient  Supplementation


Questions often come up as to both the need for vitamin and mineral supplements, and how to evaluate and choose from available supplements. 
Humans have depended on their diets and have thrived throughout human history without swallowing supplemental vitamins and minerals.  In a perfect world, we would continue to derive all the nutrients we need from a balanced diet of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, grown in soil nurtured to be replete in nutrients. Our world, however, is different now than in the past. Much of our soil is contaminated and/or deficient in basic nutrients. The need for those nutrients may be far greater today, not just for sustenance, but because these nutrients also contribute to the detoxification of substances previously not found in our environments.
There is no question but what the nutrients found in whole foods are more recognizable to the body and easier to assimilate than United States Pharmacopeia Vitamins and Minerals. Nutrients in foods are found in lipid, protein, carbohydrate matrices.  USP nutrients are taken out of those matrices, and, strictly speaking, are no longer quite the same thing. As an example, ascorbic acid, though we call it vitamin C, is not the Vitamin C complex that is found in nature. There is more vitamin C in a raw potato than in 1000 mg of ascorbic acid.
We might surmise then, that supplements comprised of nutrient dense foods would be the best choices... hence the popularity of green food powders, algae and seaweed supplements, hemp and flax seed meals, power juice supplements.  The next most natural choice would be vitamins that take those USP nutrients and react them with algae or yeast in order to re integrate them into a matrix similar to that in which they are naturally found.  With either of these choices, you would find very low levels of nutrients, as compared with the more common vitamin/mineral supplements. Comparing these supplements to each other is a little like comparing apples to oranges. 
While we appreciate the benefits of the more natural supplements, we often prescribe the USP formulas. This is mainly because studies on therapeutic supplementation give us researched information on how to dose them.  Patients are often concerned at the high dosages, when compared to the RDA. The RDAs are calculated to let you know the minimal amounts of the nutrients needed for survival, not the optimal dosages for therapy or maintenance.
When evaluating nutrient supplements, we look not just for what is therapeutic, but also for what might be harmful or counter productive.  When a supplement includes excipients such as artificial sweeteners and coloring, unpronounceable chemical additives, and allergens of any type, we must conclude that the manufacturer is trying to sell something rather than providing a useful therapeutic product.
At Pacific Naturopathic, we search out hypo allergenic supplements with as few excipients as possible. Recommendations vary based on a person's diet (varied and whole food vs. not); their ability to digest and assimilate nutrients; and individual therapeutic needs.

Find out more about Dr. Connie's work  HERE.
Vitamin B12 Injections
IV Therapy Package Pricing


Vitamin B12





* Vitamin B12 is necessary for metabolism, maintaining energy levels, and can help with mood and preventing other diseases down the road. 


* With B12 deficiency, people can feel fatigued and depressed, and a deficiency can play a role in developing cardiovascular disease and dementia as well. 


* Because B12 is not very well absorbed through oral supplementation, B12 injections are an effective way to bypass the digestive tract, boost levels, and effect a quicker change in the body. 


* Like with intravenous therapy, many people will often notice a change in their symptoms or energy levels the day of the injection and into the following days or week after the injection.


What are the benefits of B12?

  • Increased energy
  • Support for a healthy immune system
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced stress and improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Improved memory
  • Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Protection against Alzheimer's disease


Pacific Naturopathic will be offering B12 happy hours from 1:30-3:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  No appointment necessary. Just phone and let us know you are coming.


Your in and out me will be less than five minutes.


B12 injections for existing patients are only $25. Each additional nutrient such as B-complex or other fat-burning ingredients can be added for an extra $10. 


Cost for new patients will be $60, which includes both the basic injection and a 15 minute initial health assessment.


To get your B12 injection, please contact us at (650) 917-1121  and let us know you are coming.


= * = * = * = * =


IV Therapy Packages





Pacific Naturopathic is now offering 

packages of intravenous nutrient therapies!


Because a series of IV therapies are beneficial for most conditions, we are now offering our basic nutrient bags (Myers cocktail) at a discounted price when bought in a package.


Choices include a package of 6 or 8 infusions:

  • Package of 6 - $750 ($125/infusion, a savings of $90)
  • Package of 8 - $960 ($120/ infusion, a savings of $160)

Please note: 


1) For your safety, a short office visit ($60) is necessary before the first infusion; 


 2) The full package price must be paid at the time of the first infusion; 


 3) This offer is valid for Myers cocktail packages only.


Please contact us at (650) 917-1121 

to start your infusions program!


Breast Thermography at
Pacific Naturopathic
- supplements and breast health -

When a breast thermography reading is less than optimal (that is, when the thermal risk rating is less than optimal, but not indicating an immediate need for follow up anatomic testing such as would be provided by a mammogram), we often recommend a 3 month protocol to restore breast health, then redo the thermography to see if the protocol has been effective.
Protocols vary. Sometimes, we are able to achieve benefits by cleaning up the diet and reducing inflammatory foods. Sometimes, consistent lymphatic breast massage will flush toxins out of the breast and reduce the thermal risk rating. And sometimes, we advise the use of breast health supplements.
Breast health supplements commonly include anti inflammatory herbs such as curcumin and green tea:  extracts of cruciferous vegetables  that favorably impact estrogen metabolism (such as DIM and I3C); herbs and nutrients that are fundamental to detoxification; and extracts that promote the immune system (such as mushroom extracts). Our well researched supplement featuring mushrooms is Breast Defend by EcoNugenics.  Another option we carry is Integrative Therapeutics Healthy Cells Breast, which features nutrients, mushrooms, and anti inflammatory herbs.

Read more about 
breast  thermography 
Pacific Naturopathic   here.

Pacific Naturopathic Hawaii: 
How sweet it is!

Check Future Openings 
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Legendary Waipio Valley is just four miles away from our vacation rental.



With our caretakers on vacation, Dr. Marcel recently spent a month at our Hawaii vacation rental keeping the jungle at bay and preparing our vacation rental in between guests.  He had a direct opportunity to live the life we write about in this part of the newsletter.  He went to Hawaii tired and a bit stressed from his busy Bay Area life.  He returned energized and ready to return to his work with cancer patients.


It is not possible to overemphasize the restorative effect of clean air, clean food, pure water, moderated sunshine and distance from wireless router signals and microwaves.  


Over the years, many of our patients and friends have taken advantage of the low-cost access of our beautiful rental home.  Resort hotels start off-season rates at over $325/night for a basic, generic hotel room on lovely, but generic, poison-sprayed grounds, insulated from local experiences.  We offer an entire, fully equipped home with hot tub and infrared sauna in sweet "old Hawaii" for just $175/night.  You get to live on an unspoiled estate with three acres of tropical, organic (grazable) orchards for half the price of a standard hotel room. You get to interact some of the friendliest people in the world and experience the true meaning of "aloha." 


Isn't it time you treated yourself to a magical experience?


Come, enjoy, rejuvenate and reinvent yourself. 

Openings available from May.


For more information, please visit our dedicated web site.


The Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care

News and Commentary on Cancer Topics

* * * * *

What We Offer  at the  Hernandez Center 
for Adjunctive Cancer Care

Our cancer patients often ask us to give them an estimate of the effectiveness of therapy at the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care. We respond that
our entire focus is on helping our patients stay healthy, upbeat and positive. 

 The truth is that the botanical and nutritional therapies we offer (including intravenous vitamin C), although 'adjunctive' in nature, have powerful documented actions in decreasing inflammation, reducing tumor load and attacking cancer stem cells.  

Our mind/body approaches are focused on transformation of experience.  And our bodywork approaches help reduce muscular pain, resolve lymph drainage problems and relieve stress.  

The hope we offer is not that of a miraculous cure, although we are definitely open to miracles, but the hope of a life lived to the fullest in dignity and understanding, for however long that may be.


Supplements at the 
Hernandez Center

Connie Hernandez, ND

As most cancer patients know, numerous anti inflammatory and anti cancer supplements are well indicated in the adjunctive treatment of cancer, whether in prevention or recovery, in the reduction of the side effects of conventional therapies, or in enhancing the efficacy of conventional therapies. The pill burden can be odious.  
Dr. Connie relaxes in the portable sauna in our office.
Fortunately, there are alternatives to pills. At the clinic, I.V. vitamins and minerals deliver nutrients directly to the cells. I.V. botanicals bypass the absorption and digestion processes and can be far more effective than oral supplements.
At home, patients might opt for ceremonial bowls of macha tea instead of green tea supplements, "Golden milk" instead of curcumin capsules, whey protein from raw organic milk from pasture fed Jersey cows to enhance glutathione levels.  Epsom salt, baking soda and chelation baths can deliver magnesium to deprived tissues, enhance the elimination of toxins and change the pH of the body.
Whereas we have homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional detox tinctures, powders, capsules and tablets, another non supplement based approach would be through the use of infra red sauna. These saunas make use of the skin, the body's largest organ of detoxification. The heat generated is unfriendly to the cancer cells, and can directly impact their growth.
Much can be accomplished with well designed protocols that decrease pill intake by making use of these user friendly alternative treatments.

Interested in finding out more about the cancer treatment diet?  
Please phone us for an appointment at: 

Chemo Unlikely to Prolong Survival in Older Breast Cancer Patients

Marcel Hernandez, ND

One of the most common questions our breast cancer patients ask us is whether or not they should do chemotherapy.  By law, we are not allowed to directly answer yea or nay. This is a decision our patients must make with their oncologist.  We can, however, offer observations that we have gleaned from our cancer patients over the years and offer the latest data from scientific studies to assist our patients in making a decision.

To us, whether or not to undergo chemo is primarily a quality of life decision.  What are you willing to undergo to potentially add a bit of time to your life? Here's a bit of science that may be helpful to making that decision.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston recently published a study in the  Journal of American Geriatrics Society .   The data they analyzed came from 14,440 women diagnosed with Stage I to IIIA hormone receptor-negative breast cancer.   The analysis of the data showed chemotherapy reduced their risk of death from by 30% in those aged 65-69, by 26% in those aged 70-74 and by 24% in those aged 75-79.  They did not define "risk" nor did they add a survival time period for those who did chemotherapy.

Lead author Xianglin Du, a professor of epidemiology, suggests: "Chemotherapy's reduced effect on the risk of mortality in older breast cancer patients could be due to several factors: tumors being less sensitive to chemotherapy, a decrease in dosage as the body gets weaker with age or chemotherapy killing healthy cells in addition to cancer cell."  

On the other hand, a 1-year trial that Medical News Today reported on recently suggests that doubling the amount of moderate to vigorous exercise from 150 to 300 minutes a week may lower the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer because of the beneficial effect on body fat.

Please phone us at 650-917-1121 for more information about adjunctive cancer therapies 

Other I.V. Therapies Offered at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center

Corrine Wang, N.D.


Many people have already heard about intravenous vitamin C as a complementary cancer therapy to help stimulate the immune system as well as being directly cytotoxic to cancer cells. We are often using this therapy at the Hernandez Center for our cancer patients. What people may not know is that we also have many other IV therapies that are also very helpful in supporting our cancer patients depending on their symptoms and what they need. 


We often give a nutrient IV in between IV vitamin C sessions, which helps to provide more energy and rebuild our patients that may be feeling fatigued or have low blood counts. 


We also have other anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapies like IV curcumin (turmeric) or IV silibinin (from milk thistle). 


Another IV treatment that can help cancer patients from losing more weight or to help them gain weight is an infusion that includes a variety of amino acids. 


These are just a few of the protocols we have for our cancer patients. For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us at the Hernandez Center at (650) 917-1121.


* * *



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In This Issue

* Dr. Connie muses on pharmaceuticals and supplements


* Elijah Free offers his Vet's perspective on eliminating PTSD


 * Dr. Marcel: Discusses his five favorite supplements


* Dr. Corrine: Looks at supplements for adrenal health


* Dr. Connie: takes a philosophical look at supplements


* Vitamin B12 happy hour and IV therapy packages


 * Breast thermography: supplements for breast health

* Hawaii retreat: Serene, meditative, healing


Hernandez Center: News and Commentary on Cancer Topics

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* What we offer at the Hernandez Center


* Supplements for adjective cancer care


* The failure of chemo in older breast cancer patients

*Other IV therapies offered in our clinic



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