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Supplier of Hydrolized Vegetable Proteins and Natural Savory Flavors

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Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins HVPs and yeast extracts are used in industrial, institutional, and retail food products to add savory flavoring to processed foods. Basic Food Flavors have been leaders and innovators in this industry for nearly 40 years. 

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Natural, Label-Friendly, & Non-GMO

Basic Food Flavors Yeast extracts are natural, label-friendly, and Non-Gmo. Granular in nature, they are quickly soluble. These products are go-to items for food scientists looking to add a natural “Roasted” note to many savory applications, including, meats, sauces, dips, marinades, etc.

Our current spray-dried and vacuum-dried HVPs continue to be fully in stock with minimal lead times. Recent investment into our drying systems has created open capacity for both spray-dried and vacuum-dried items. 

Beef & Poultry Applications

Natural Savory Flavors & Yeast Extracts

IPO Non GMO, Liquids & Paste

Specialty, Neutral & Pork Applications

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Why Choose Basic Food Flavors

This U.S. owned and operated company has the supply chain capacity to supply more than half of the HVP market in North America. They also have the ability to match the HVP and Yeast extracts from other suppliers. With open capacity for new customers and a reliable supply chain, they are a wonderful option for your savory flavoring needs.

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