Supplier Highlight: Dole Food Service Peaches

Peaches are picked and packed at peak ripeness starting in May

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From Dole Packaged Foods' perspective, they believe "every day deserves more sunshine because more sunshine means more smiles, more energy and more of a bright, healthy life." We couldn't agree more. Known for their high-quality fruit that's packed with nutrients, there's a reason they are a world leader in growing and sourcing fruit.

We are excited to share that they will be starting their peach harvest soon. Starting in May, peach orchards in California will be picked and sent to Atwater, CA for processing. Be sure to read more about what makes their peaches so great below or check out their Frozen Fruit Brochure for nutrient details and product descriptions.

Sliced IQF Peaches
See Frozen Fruit Brochure

Frozen DOLE® Peaches are picked at the peak of ripeness and quick-frozen to lock in both nutrients and flavor. Washed, prepped and ready to use, IQF fruit is the ideal labor savings solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Picked at peak ripeness
  • Washed, prepped and ready-to-use
  • Valuable labor-saving efficiencies
  • 100% usable fruit, zero product waste
  • Available year-round

Did You Know? 

Peaches add bright, bold flavor to salads, appetizers, salsas, toppings salads, desserts and beverages.

Great ways to use peaches:

Fruit-based products: Frozen fruit blends, fruit cups, and fruit medleys. Used as standalone snacks, toppings for yogurt or cereal, or as ingredients in smoothie packs.

Baked goods: Pies, cobblers, muffins, and cakes to add sweetness, flavor, and moisture to them.

Frozen desserts: Fruit sorbets, fruit bars, and frozen yogurts.

Sauces and condiments: Sauces, glazes, and salsas.

Toppings or flavor enhancers for meats, salads, and snacks.

Beverages: Fruit juices, smoothies, and fruit-based beverages.

Baby food: Excellent source of natural sweetness and nutrients.

See Full Information Sheet

Don't Forget the Pineapple

In addition to perfect peaches and other great fruits, Dole is the leading supplier of Pineapple Products. Pineapple, with its vibrant color and sweet taste is great for pizzas, desserts, and salads. It's even fantastic mixed in your favorite stir-fry.

Pineapple Info

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