May 2023

Primera is proud to feature FMC

Rooted in Innovation

FMC Professional Solutions has earned a reputation for offering powerful, dependable products while consistently breaking new ground in the pest control, golf, and lawn care markets. Fueled by our market-driven approach, FMC has a robust portfolio and innovative pipeline to consistently develop new solutions to help consumers, professional turf managers, pest control operators, and nursery and greenhouse growers. Nearly 30 years ago, FMC launched the Talstar brand. At that time, Talstar emerged as a crucial and indispensable active ingredient sought after by the industry. Throughout the years, Talstar has maintained its prominent position as a mainstay product in the turf and ornamental market. FMC has also proudly pioneered other noteworthy innovations, such as Dismiss NXT, designed to control yellow nutsedge with tuber reduction effectively. Additionally, FMC offers a comprehensive portfolio of products specifically tailored to assist lawn care operators in effectively managing challenging agronomic conditions

Customers are our True Champions

FMC is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to its customers, offering a range of benefits, including product innovation and engaging rebate programs tailored for small and large Pest Management Professionals and Lawn Care Operators. 

For small to medium-sized companies, the FMC True Champions program offers the Dynamic Rewards rebate program. This initiative allows PMPs and LCOs to enjoy attractive rewards based on purchases. Participating in this program can maximize their benefits and enhance their business operations.

Furthermore, we understand the unique requirements of large LCOs and golf course superintendents. To cater to their specific needs, FMC offers the Early Order Program. This program enables these industry leaders to access exclusive advantages and incentives by placing their orders early.

In addition to these exceptional programs, True Champions members receive the opportunity to earn free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in lawn care and pest management each month throughout the year. We recognize the importance of professional development and strive to support our customer's growth by providing valuable learning opportunities. At FMC, we place great emphasis on listening to our customers. We value their feedback and take it seriously. By actively engaging with our customers and understanding their needs, we can continuously improve our products and services. We invest in developing innovative solutions that empower LCOs, PMPs, and golf course superintendents to manage their day-to-day operations efficiently. 

Product Highlight

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The new go-to Pythium control product has arrived! Serata™ fungicide is powered by the unique active ingredient, picarbutrazox, which is also its own special mode of action. A new mode of action for a destructive disease like Pythium is a game changer for superintendents. FMC is proud to listen to the needs of superintendents and deliver innovation to help them improve how they care for their course.

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