October 2023

Primera is proud to feature Envu

Envu was founded in 2022 as a company built on a half-century of environmental science experience for the sole purpose of advancing healthy environments for everyone, everywhere. We offer dedicated services in Professional Pest Management, Forestry, Ornamentals, Golf, Industrial Vegetation Management, Lawn & Landscape, Mosquito Management, and Range & Pasture. Across each of our lines of business, we are partnering with our customers to ensure that nature and society can thrive together. Envu is the largest stand-alone environmental science company in the world. We are laser-focused on Turf & Ornamentals, Professional Pest Management, and Vegetation Management markets.

Rooted in a rich heritage of innovation, our company is perfectly

positioned to foster your business's growth and actualize your customers'

vision of success. At Envu, we measure success by the prosperity achieved by

both our distributors and the end users of our products and services, paving

the way for a healthy bottom line and a healthy environment.

The Envu Global Headquarters is in Cary, North Carolina, and houses Regulatory, Portfolio Management, Solution Development and Leadership colleagues

We are extremely excited about the recent launch of our new Resilia™ root health solution.

Soilborne pathogens can cause extensive, even disastrous, damage to your turf. And it’s nearly impossible to identify and diagnose root issues before it’s too late. By protecting your roots from destructive soilborne pathogens for up to 21 days (and most up to 28 days) and suppressing harmful nematodes, this solution allows your roots to thrive and reach their full potential. Plus, it works well in combination and rotation with Stressgard® brand fungicides.

Did You Know?

One in five (yes…20%!) of Envu employees are dedicated to research and innovation. So, while we certainly have a high-performing line-up of solutions today, we are sure to have an even more impressive portfolio in the future.

Opened in July 2023, the Envu Formulation Laboratory located in Morrisville, NC, near the Envu Global Headquarters, conducts analytics, formulation, microbiology, pilot programs and sample logistics for developing product solutions to help our customers.

The Envu Biological Development Facility in Clayton, NC, consists of 278 acres, including fine turfgrass field labs, greenhouses and growth chambers, an automated rain shelter and development capabilities for developing solutions for every business at Envu.

We are proud this year to have launched a revamped My Envu Rewards, our loyalty program. Not only is it an outstanding way to earn on the products your members love, but they can:

  • Use it on-the-go 24/7 with a user-interface optimized for mobile devices
  • Access an enhanced catalog showcasing over 10 million options, daily specials
  • Navigate to their points, announcements, and all eligible promotions from a streamlined interface. 

Visit Rewards.Envu.us for more information.

My Envu Rewards, at rewards.envu.us will become our primary conduit for communicating with and rewarding your end users.

Please visit the site and promote it to your customers.

Envu Rewards

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