April 2018 e-news
Delivering a World of Health and Hope .
Hand Carry: Mission Trip to Moshi Tanzania
SOS volunteer, Bonnie Keene, recently went on a medical mission trip to Moshi, Tanzania. Upon her return she provided SOS with details of the trip and her experiences.

" Supplies provided by SOS were imperative to the success of Team 6 Tanzania, headed by Dr. Steve Kleeman of Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati. In five days our team supported and performed numerous surgeries and vital procedures. Some of which included: C-sections, various hernias, laparoscopic gall bladders and endoscopic procedures. These are just a sampling of what was accomplished at St Joseph Hospital in Moshi. In partnership with SOS, this team witnessed a truly positive impact on the health population of this community through education, equipment, and supply"

Bonnie took over 150 pounds of medical supplies from the SOS Medical Team Store to support her mission team in their work!

More information on how SOS can help supply your next mission trip can be found here or by emailing SOS at admin@suppliesoverseas.org.
Thank you Sonja!
Sonja Weber, a nurse at Baptist Health LaGrange, has helped her hospital to organize the collection of surplus supplies to be donated to SOS. Additionally she organized the use of excess funds to purchase items vital to the SOS collection process!

Items such as a dolly for transporting boxes of supplies, packing tape and bungee cords for securing boxes and larger equipment items were donated to SOS as a result of Sonja's hard work and dedication.

SOS is thankful to have community advocates, like Sonja, to assist with hospital staff education about SOS's important mission. Thank you, Sonja!
Wade Cunningham (SOS Warehouse Associate) pictured with Sonja Weber, her husband and four daughters holding supplies donated to SOS!
20 People to Know: Nonprofits

SOS President and CEO, Denise Sears, was selected by Business First in their "20 People to Know: Nonprofits" feature. This group of twenty individuals are all doing important work in the Louisville nonprofit community. SOS is honored to have Denise recognized as one of these important "people to know".

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