December 2017 e-news
Delivering a World of Health and Hope .
Sending Health & Hope to Ecuador
The twenty-first container of 2017 has left the Supplies Over Seas warehouse and is headed to Ecuador! This is the second container that has been sent by the Orchid Foundation to provide humanitarian aid to the people of rural Zamora, Ecuador.

One of the major needs expressed by the people of Zamora was for basic orthopedic items such as wheelchairs, walkers and canes. Supplies Over Seas was able to send numerous items from each of these categories along with many other vital supplies and equipment.

Peg Weedman, an SOS regular volunteer, also works with the organization Sew Blessed to make clothing items for children in need! She was able to provide multiple bags of children's clothing to be sent to Zamora where there is a large population of families and children living in poverty.
Project for Puerto Rico
SOS has been working with Brown-Forman on a project to collect much needed supplies to provide aid to the people of Puerto Rico. Items such as cleaning supplies, personal hygiene and non-perishable food were collected in response to Hurricane Maria that devastated the United States commonwealth.

Thank you Brown-Forman for helping to collect vital items to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Puerto Rico!
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