May 2017 e-news
Delivering a World of Health and Hope .
Supporting Women's Health in Haiti
The Rotary Club of Prospect/Goshen approached SOS with one goal, helping end cervical cancer in Haiti. According to the National Cancer Institute, cervical cancer is largely preventable or treatable if found during early stages, but the World Health Organization reports that cervical cancer is responsible for 18% of cancer related deaths in Haiti. This is largely due to the lack of screening and detection.

With their goal in mind, The Rotary Club of Prospect/Goshen paired up with CapraCare, Inc. in Fonfrede, Haiti to bring access of preventative care to the women of Haiti. In April, SOS sent a 40' sea-going container of supplies to Capra Care, which included OBGYN supplies, gloves, exam tables, medical instruments, and much more to help improve the healthcare of women in the community. Stay tuned for more information once the container reaches its destination!
The team that made this container possible visiting SOS.
SOS volunteer, Amy Verst, placing a requested bicycle on the container.
Bourbon & Band-Aids
Paid Admissions Include:
  • 8 bourbon tastings from local and regional distilleries
  • Gourmet hors d'oeuvre and bourbon pairings
  • Live music by The Misty Mountain String Band
  • Cash bar, raffle, auction and more!
Health & Hope in Ethiopia
SOS's first ever container shipment to Ethiopia arrived at its destination! The project started with a group of friends from Texas back in 2015 wanting to support their high school classmate, Dr. Tony Mangana, who was working as a neurosurgeon at the Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. They started the non-profit Hearts Helping Hands and after two years of fundraising and planning, were able to see their hard work come to fruition. Thank you to Dr. Mangana and Hearts Helping Hands for helping deliver Health & Hope to the people of Ethiopia and letting SOS be a part of this journey.
One of the two baby warmers sent on the container.
A newborn baby being treated in the ICU.
Supplies being unloaded at the Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital.
Dr. Tony Mangana receiving a check to fund the project of shipping medical supplies and equipment from Hearts Helping Hands.
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