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August 2020    Volume XV, Issue 8
Supply Chain Issues Threaten Profit Margins

Builders from across the U.S. and Canada are reporting supply chain issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent survey of our builder community revealed 96% of respondents are experiencing issues with product availability. With many builders currently experiencing an increase in sales, there is cause for concern that supply chain disruptions could result in a decrease in profit on those sales.

Profit margins suffer when you have a fixed sales price and unpredictable increases in construction cost. Supply chain disruptions make it extremely difficult to predict costs. Builders could see cost increases due to longer lead times, price increases from suppliers, and extended construction times. Regardless of sales volume, every closing delay poses a threat to your profit margin.

According to the results of our survey, the top three products in short supply are appliances, lumber, and windows. The product with the biggest jump in price was lumber, with 93% of respondents reporting substantial price increases in that category.

  • Supply Chain Issues Threaten Profit Margins
  • Rebate Submissions Made Easy
  • Setting Up & Using Key Metrics
  • Rebate Earnings Help Offset Costs
  • BP Members on Top 100 Products List
  • Product Feature: Building Envelope
  • Product Feature: Plumbing
  • Partner Notes
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Rebate Submissions Made Easy with Direct Data Transfer
We know you are busy. We can help!

Builder Partnerships offers integrations with ECI MarkSystems® and MiTek® KOVA to make rebate submissions easier for our builder members. Our API connection allows users to input necessary rebate information simply by posting the close date. It's that easy!

We encourage all MarkSystems and KOVA users to take advantage of this service designed to automate and streamline your rebate submission process.

We are working on a similar connection with MiTek® BuilderMT, and we are currently accepting builder members into the early access program to participate in testing of the integration prior to general release. Let us know if you're interested in the early access program.

For more information on how you can use direct data transfer to streamline your rebate submissions, contact Terry Nickels via email at

"What I enjoy most about using the Builder Partnerships rebate program is how easy it is to take advantage of their rebate program. With very little effort on our part, we receive a substantial return. Another benefit of Builder Partnerships is that they work directly with our builder specific software which makes it extremely easy to submit our rebates. I would highly recommend Builder Partnerships to other home builders."
–Brad Barrow, Purchasing Agent, Rio Grande Division, Hakes Brothers
Setting Up and Using Key Metrics to Evaluate Company Health
Today we hear a lot of talk about key metrics, key indicators, or key measurements. What are these things, why do we need them, and why should we care about them now?

Builder Partnerships CFO Emma Shinn contributed a guest post to ECI's blog titled Setting Up and Using Key Metrics to Evaluate Company Health.

Read the blog post here. 
Rebate Earnings Help Builders Increase Profits
Our top rebate earners are submitting for more than $10,000 per month. In the second quarter, 15 of our members had submissions of more than $20,000.

Would an extra $10,000 per month help your bottom line? Let us help you maximize your rebate earnings. Contact your BP relationship manager today for a program audit to discover how you can increase your incentive payments.

Call 303-972-7666 or email for more information. Visit to view our list of manufacturer associates. 

“Builder Partnerships rebate program is an exceptional program to be involved in for any builder of any size. The program has proven to be financially beneficial to our company quarter after quarter. There’s an extensive list of manufactures and products available to the members that allow the flexibility to choose the program you want wisely. Builder Partnerships takes it one step further by simplifying the submittal process.”
–Brandon Stack, Purchasing & Estimating Manager, Olthof Homes
Shinn Builder Partnerships Members Make Pro Builder's List of Top 100 Building Products
Pro Builder recently published their 2020 Top 100 Products, and several products from our manufacturer members appear on the list.

Congratulations to all of our manufacturer members that earned this recognition.

Click here to view the Pro Builder 2020 Top 100 Products.

Click here to view our list of trusted manufacturers offering valuable incentives to members of Builder Partnerships.
Product Feature: Building Envelope
How to Achieve High Whole-Wall Thermal Performance with Fox Blocks ICFs
Fox Blocks insulated concrete form (ICF) mass walls improve a building’s whole-wall thermal performance by providing continuous insulation (CI) that prevents thermal bridging and creates airtightness. The whole-wall thermal performance of ICF ensures a comfortable living and working space with energy savings and manageable bills.

Product Feature: Plumbing
Uponor Launches 10 New ProPEX EP Pre-Made Reducing Tees
Uponor is adding 10 new reducing tee configurations to its ProPEX engineered polymer reducing tees portfolio, with the aim of eliminating the need for plumbing system designers and installers to fabricate composed tees on-site.

These Manufacturers Offer Valuable Rebate Programs to Members of Builder Partnerships
Are you leaving money on the table?

Details on more than 800 programs available to our members can be viewed by clicking on the Members tab on your dashboard.

Contact us at 303-972-7666 or for more information.
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August Partner Notes

Coming in September,
date to be announced

Our team of industry experts will review the results of our builder survey on supply chain disruptions and offer analysis and guidance.

Date and registration link available soon at
Live Online Seminars

Four 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks, October 6-27, 2020

Discover proven management techniques specific to production management for home building companies designed to transform managers into top performing leaders.

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Four 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks, October 8-29, 2020

Discover how the various functions of a home building business operate and how they come together to create a high-performing team that achieves superior results.

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Networking Events

16th Annual Networking
Reception: IBS 2021
February 8, 2021
Orlando, Florida

You are invited to our 16th Annual Networking Reception on February 8, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., where builders and manufacturers meet to network BEFORE the show. SAVE THE DATE. Registration opening soon. 
For the complete list of events, click here.