November 8, 2017 - In This Issue:
Supply Chain Management (SCM) has agreed to a new campuswide furniture-supply contract with One Workplace (OWP). The 5-year contract (with the possibility of an extension to 10 years) includes better pricing, timely ordering, delivery and installation, interior design services, and improved ergonomic and sustainability practices as well as many other advantages.
Details about the deal with OWP as well as training materials will follow in a separate notice later this month or early December. Open houses also will be held at OWP offices starting in January 2018. 
BearBuy Scheduled Maintenance
BearBuy will be unavailable Friday, November 10, at 6 p.m. through Sunday, November 12, at 9 a.m. for system maintenance. To avoid delays, please complete all BearBuy requests prior to the system maintenance. BearBuy will be available on Monday, November 13.
New National Gift Card Corporation Punch-Out Catalog

The National Gift Card (NGC) punch-out catalog is now available in BearBuy. The punch-out offers a wide variety of national brand gift cards including Amazon, Target, iTunes, Starbucks, American Express and Visa. Cards are available as either physical cards or eCode (electronic delivery) cards.
IMPORTANT: Gift card purchases must be compliant with University of California policy and procedures. Prior to purchasing gift cards please note the following:

  • Per policy, purchase of gift cards should be used for purchases of goods ONLY, and NOT used for any services offered by a company.
  • Any gift cards given to an individual (employee and non-employee) in a calendar year totaling $600 or more should be reported to Accounts Payable (AP) via an email to the for tax reporting purposes no later than Dec 31. For a non-employee given gift cards totaling $600 or more, we will need to know their home address and Social Security number, and amount for us to issue a 1099 - Misc tax form. Be sure to include in the subject line: SECURE.
  • There is a shipping cost to mail physical gift cards. The shipping cost will not be charged by National Gift Card directly, but will be charged through the Inbound Freight Program. Electronic (eCode) Gift Cards do not have a shipping cost.
  • Order processing and shipping may take a few days. Please consider this as you create your order and choose your shipping method.
For additional instructions on ordering gift cards, please refer to the  Gift Card Purchasing Guide .
If you have any customer service related inquiries, contact National Gift Card via phone or email at 1 (888) 472-8747 or .
New Office Depot Hosted Catalog
We are excited to announce that an Office Depot hosted catalog is now available in Bea rBuy.
The Office Depot catalog offers significant savings on a vast assortment of quality office products, one of the largest assortments of environmentally preferable products in the industry, streamlined purchasing and contract items that provide the deepest discounts.
If you need assistance placing an order, Office Depot can be contacted by phone at (880) 770-4044.
Future Software Form Improvements

Earlier this year, a new BearBuy Software Form was introduced to identify, review and mitigate potential risk associated with software and cloud computing purchases. After the launch, we received valuable feedback from our campus community about the software purchasing process.
As a result, we will be making enhancements to:
  • Provide clarification on the type of software that should be purchased using the form
  • Highlight types of software that do not need to be purchased using the form
  • Better define when a Statement of Work is required
  • Improve instructions on the Software Form and the   Software Guide
  • Improve guidance on when an IT Security Risk Assessment is required  
We are currently obtaining feedback from customers who made purchases with the Software Form to identify additional areas of possible improvement. If you would like to provide feedback about the software purchasing process, please email us at We are targeting to release enhancements by the end of this year. Changes will be announced in future Supply Chain Management newsletters. 
We thank you for your patience as we work to finalize the changes.  

Q: I'm going on vacation soon. How do I set a substitute in BearBuy?

A: Follow the instructions below for your BearBuy role(s):    

  • On the left navigation bar, go to Shop (the shopping cart icon) > My Carts and Orders> View Carts. Then, click the Assigned Carts tab. Finally, click the Assign Substitute link.
  • To end a substitution, go to Shop (the shopping cart icon in the left navigation bar) > My Carts and Orders> View Carts. Click the Assigned Carts tab. Click the End Substitution link.
Requisition Approver, Voucher Approver, Match Exception Handler:
  • On the left navigation bar, go to Documents (the icon that looks like a stack of papers)> Approvals > Assign Substitute Approvers. Then, click the button at the top to Assign Substitute to All Requisition/Invoice Folders. In the Assign Substitute pop-up, search for the substitute's name and Include Date Range for Substitution, if desired. Click Assign.
  • If you don't include a date range, you will need to manually end the substitution. Follow the steps above, but click the button to End Substitute for All Requisition/Invoice Folders.
For more detailed instructions, review the Quick Reference Guide for your BearBuy role.

For BearBuy technical support, how-to help or questions regarding basic purchasing, contact the IT Service Desk.
Phone: (415) 514-4100, option 2 (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


For general Supply Chain Management questions, please email or visit our website at

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