May 15, 2017 - In This Issue:

Registration events for Thermo Fisher Scientific's self-service supply centers will be held today and May 22, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., on the second floor in Genentech Hall.

Representatives from Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Life Technologi es) and UCSF Supply Chain Management (SCM) will be on hand to talk about:
  • Obtaining a Thermo Fisher Supply Center badge
  • Setting up payment in BearBuy
  • Activating your Supply Center badge
  • Purchasing products from the Supply Center
  • Refilling your amount-based purchase order
If you cannot attend one of these registration sessions, information on how to use the Thermo Fisher Supply Centers and setting up payment within BearBuy is available on the SCM website at

For questions or comments, please contact Greg Macway in SCM at

Integrated DNA Technologies Punch-Out Catalog Available

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) Oligos are now available for order through BearBuy.
The IDT punch-out offers many ordering features including: pricing, yield guarantees, estimated ship dates, convenient plate ordering, access to oligo specification sheets, mass spectrometry, and analytical CE traces, order and shipment tracking, multiple oligo entry, and the ability to reorder oligos.

For those currently using IDT, the ordering process mirrors the process on their website and the portal available through the cell culture facility. 

Orders placed by 1 p.m. will be delivered the following morning.

If you need help navigating the punch-out or assistance placing an order, IDT can be contacted via phone or email at 1 (800) 328-2661 or
BearBuy Software Form - Coming May 23

The BearBuy Software form will be used for purchases including cloud computing, software, licenses to software, software-as-a-service and cloud software-related Professional Services. We will be launching the BearBuy Software form on May 23, 2017. More details will be forthcoming.

Capital Asset Surplus Sales Prioritized for Your Department

Did you know that capital asset surplus items are prioritized for the first seven days of sale to UCSF departments exclusively?

Logistics-DSM manages the sale of these items through  Public Surplus, a third-party online auction website. The first seven days the item is exclusively listed on the Public Surplus website for UCSF departments. Interested departments can purchase the item using their departmental procurement card. If not sold within the first week, the item continues to be listed on Public Surplus for another two weeks for the general public.

Once on the Public Surplus landing page:
  • Click Region - Select California
  • Click Agency - Select University of California San Francisco
  • Click View All Auctions for University of California San Francisco
For questions, visit our   Capital Asset Surplus FAQs page or email
New Takara Bio USA Hosted Catalog

We are excited to announce that a Takara Bio USA, Inc. (formerly Clontech) hosted catalog is now available in BearBuy search results to make purchasing easier and more efficient.  Takara Bio USA, Inc. offers:
  • Overnight delivery on temperature-sensitive items
  • Online and local service and support
  • Discounted manufacturer direct pricing
  • Free shipping
You'll find the supplies you need for:
  • Next-generation sequencing library prep from RNA or DNA
  • Genome editing (via Cas9 or Cre)
  • Cloning, mutagenesis, PCR and other molecular biology techniques
  • Protein expression, enrichment, and purification
  • Viral transduction (for lentivirus, retrovirus, adenovirus, and AAV)
  • Stem cell culture and differentiation
  • Macherey-Nagel DNA and RNA purification

Q: Can I save catalog and forms items I frequently purchase to a list for quick re-ordering?   

A: Yes, you can save items to your BearBuy "favorites" list to quickly create new orders. To add catalog items to your favorites, search for the item and click the "add favorite" link in the search results. For forms, fill out the form with information you want to save. Then, select "Add to Favorite" in the form's Available Actions menu and click the Go button. To learn more about favorites, please refer to Page 2 of the BearBuy Shopper Quick Reference Guide.

For BearBuy technical support, how-to help or questions regarding basic purchasing, contact the IT Service Desk.
Phone: (415) 514-4100, option 2 (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


For general Supply Chain Management questions, please email

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