Supply Chain Management News
September 2019
Dear Campus Community,
Supply Chain Management (SCM) would like to inform you of important updates and events that coming soon to BearBuy. 

Please review the topics below by following the links or scrolling down for more information:   
  • Tired of orders taking a long time to process? Use existing agreements
  • Best Value Webinar - UC Procurement Policy Training
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Procurement Tips
  • New Shopper Information

If you have any questions, please contact the BearBuy Help Desk at 
510-664-9000 (options 1, 2) or  for immediate assistance.

Thank you for your continued support, 
Supply Chain Management
Tired of orders taking a long time to process? Use existing agreements
Tired of orders taking a long time to process? Using existing agreements will streamline the process.
All campus employees, affiliates, and graduate students with a CalNet ID can shop for goods or services in BearBuy. The benefits of these agreements may include, but are not limited to:
  • Cost savings
  • Negotiated terms and conditions
  • Reduced risk to the University
  • Streamlined ordering process - Orders less than $100,000 will not route to a Buyer

How to Use the UC Contracts Tile

On the BearBuy homepage under 'Campus Related Services', you will find a new tile called 'UC Contracts.' After selecting the tile, you will see a link to an 'External Supplier Page' which will open up the UC Contract file. 
The UCOP tab lists all active systemwide agreements that can be utilized. Some of them have been loaded in BearBuy and are listed on the UC Berkeley tab. If you find one that is available, but NOT on the UC Berkeley tab, please contact your Buyer so they can assist with loading the contract into BearBuy.

If you find an agreement you would like to use, but the Supplier is not listed in BearBuy, please have the Supplier submit a UC Berkeley Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form . Once the Supplier is set up, you will need to contact your Buyer so they can assist with loading the contract into BearBuy.

All active systemwide agreements that are listed in the UC Berkeley tab are loaded into BearBuy and ready for use. If you are not sure how to associate the order to a contract, there are instructions on the SCM Procurement website . If you need further assistance, please contact your Buyer .
Best Value Webinar - UC Procurement Policy Training
If you missed the Best Value webinar in July, watch it now and learn how the Best Value Evaluation Method goes beyond price in evaluating bid responses to maximize value and minimize risk.

Find the Best Value recording and related articles in the new UC Supply Chain Knowledge Base:
Sustainable Procurement
Product Search Tool

Searching for products that meet the  UC's Green Spend Criteria ? Test out this  sustainable products demo site  curated for the UC. If you need assistance, see this  step-by-step guide , and please do not forget to provide your  feedback !

Product Flags
We are working with UCOP to implement  UC Green  and  UC Green Preferred  product flags to indicate products in hosted catalogs that meet the  UC's Sustainable Procurement criteria .

Look out for the  UC Green Preferred  leaf icon in the Waxie hosted catalog.
Procurement Tips
Supplier Onboarding
If you are curious to know how long it will take to process a new or previously submitted request, please visit the  Vendoring Overview web page  which lists the current processing time for supplier onboarding requests.  This page is updated daily and shows the submit date of requests that are in process.
For a refresher on how to request a new supplier/vendor record, visit the Supply Chain Vendoring's  How To Page  for instructions on requesting new supplier records, updates, or reactivation of vendor records. Please keep in mind that incomplete requests such as missing department/supplier contact information or tax information will result in extended processing times.
Splitting Chart of Accounts (COA) At Header Level Vs. Line Level
Splitting COA at the Header Level will apply the split to all lines on the PO. 
Splitting COA by Line Level allows you to customize COA percentage allocated to that specific line. BEST PRACTICE for Subaward: Put line 1 COA at the header and then edit each line with their own unique COA. For any questions on how to split a COA, please contact your regional group: .
Who is My Department's Assigned Buyer?
If you are unsure of how to start your purchasing transaction, contact your Buyer for assistance by using your Org Node and Department Name to find your assigned Buyer located in this  matrix .

Order Status
If you need assistance with determining the status of your order in BearBuy, visit the  How to Find the Status of Your Order  page on the SCM website Also, please note that your SCM assigned Buyer will not receive the requisition until it has been approved by the department Org Node approver.
Expediting an Order
If an order warrants expedited handling, please change the priority on the requisition to "Urgent". If you have already submitted the requisition, please  contact your assigned Buyer  via email and be sure to include the requisition number.
SCM Service Level Turnaround Times
Urgent requests will be handled on a first-in-first-out basis. Standard turnaround time (Service Level Agreements) for purchase and contract types are available on our  Service Level web page . Please be aware that contract negotiations with suppliers may cause delays.
New Shopper Information
Below are links to the BearBuy website, instructional aids, training courses, and information on how to create Service Now tickets for BearBuy related issues. You can also find information on the left side bar of the BearBuy homepage.
This link will direct you to the BearBuy homepage. Please see the main image displayed as it is a high level view overview of the BearBuy Process Flow. Essentially, the BearBuy website is a center for various resources such as  Roles & Responsibilities   of the various types of BearBuy users, beneficial training resources, and important system related content.
This link contains BearBuy training materials that range from various videos and guides. Feel free to explore these resources and discover the great benefits of BearBuy!
Whether you are an experienced or a new BearBuy shopper, it is always best practice to attend an in person training session with a designated BearBuy trainer. If you are interested in attending a BearBuy “Basics for Shoppers Training”, please see the link(s) below to sign up for our next class. We look forward to your attendance and being of assistance to better serve you! 

If you have any problems or issues related to BearBuy you can contact the help desk and submit a Service Now ticket.