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USF Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management and Sustainability April 2021

This is the first newsletter since our Florida Supply Chain Summit was held last month and we could not be prouder of the presentations and quality of discussions at the event. The feedback has been tremendous and just reveals how supply chain management has evolved over the past few decades and paricularly over the past pandemic-blanketed year.

If you did not get a chance to attend the daylong event, you can watch a recording to catch up on what was talked about. If you did attend, we'd like to hear from you. Please take this survey to let us know what you think about our signature summit.

Among the topics our distinguished speakers touched on: supply chain and the space exploration industry emerging in Florida, automated vehicles and their connections with traffic lights and what it takes to deliver life-saving COVID-19 vaccines chilled to 94 degrees below zero.

The virtual event, hosted by the USF Muma College of Business’ Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management and Sustainability, featured more than two dozen speakers addressing hundreds of virtual attendees involved in the supply chain field.

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Thank you all for your support. And please stay safe and healthy,

Elaine Singleton
Executive Director
Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
The Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management and Sustainability provides student scholarships -- more than $5,000 this year alone (covering tuition and textbooks) -- that went to our diverse student enrollment. We hope to increase this to $50,000 over the next three-to-five years. We provide innovative learning, teaching and technology tools for the interactive classroom, preparing students for immediate immersion into jobs upon graduation.

Our students graduate with demonstratable skills in ERP (SAP), WMS (Datex), TMS (MercuryGate), Supply/Business Analytics (Tableau), AI (Packback), and Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt/MS Supply Chain program) to name a few.
This does not happen in a vacuum. We must have the support of our faithful business and industry partners to ensure success for our students. This past year, our program supported five students with scholarships though the generosity of our business partners and the amazing gift from Monica Wooden.

The cost of high-tech innovative education is exorbitant and this may stand in the way of some financially challenged students who find it difficult to meet tuition expectations. Our students are diverse, and this is important to our business partners, many of whom offer internships or work experiential opportunities for students through the year. This contributes to the 92 percent who graduate within four years, with an average GPA of 3.4.

Philanthropic donations shoulder the burden of the good work we do here. All the money received from donations go directly to scholarships, student/faculty research, industry-partner engagement and innovative education. Please help us help our students. To donate, click here.
Table of Contents
1. From the Executive Director’s Desk 
2. Important Dates 
3. 2021 Monica Wooden Supply Chain Scholarship Recipient Interview 
4. Faculty Spotlight: Seckin Ozkul 
5. Meet the Employer Success 
6. Virtual Coffee Meeting 
7. CSCMP—What Is SCM 
8. Alumni Spotlight: Kimberly Higgins 
9. Intern Spotlight: Emma Colangelo 
10. Student Spotlight: Liyang Ng 
April 7, 5 p.m., Virtual Coffee Meeting—To RSVP, contact 
April 8, 5 p.m., USF CSCMP Executive Board Elections—For more information, contact
Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management & Sustainability Grand Opening—Located in Muma College of Business; times and details to be announced.
Monica Wooden Scholarship Recipient Interviews 

We recently interviewed Emily Gilvert, Denzel Tracey and Clark Mulligan -- three recipients of the Monica Wooden Scholarships -- and here's how they answered three key questions: 

What is your favorite thing about being a supply chain student? 

Emily Gilbert: The amazing faculty and students I'm surrounded by! 
Denzel Tracey: Learning about the problems that businesses face and how to provide practical solutions for those issues. So many alumni from our major have gone on to solve important issues for companies and provide incredible value. I hope to follow in their footsteps.
Clark Mulligan: I love learning about the process of how individual materials come together to form a larger, more complex product. I find it fascinating that each and every product has its own story of how it was made and where each part came from.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Emily Gilbert: I see myself pursuing my master's degree while working in a leadership position for a company that values their employees' growth.
Denzel Tracey: I hope to gain enough knowledge and experience to help companies successfully adapt to the inevitable changes within the workplace and business. Additionally, after having benefited from such great leadership at USF and Amgen, I hope to have to opportunity to lead others and provide mentorship. 
Clark Mulligan: I see myself working in international transportation and distribution for a well-known company. I aspire to assist in import and export management.

What is one piece of advice for incoming supply chain students? 

Emily Gilbert: Be curious. Gain knowledge from others by asking about their thoughts and experiences. 
Denzel Tracey: Jump in and take advantage of the opportunities around you! Within the supply chain major, there is an amazing support system of professors who only want to see you succeed. Every month of work that I have put into this major has been returned in a way that will benefit my career for years to come. 
Clark Mulligan: “Make sure to always present yourself with a good and uplifting attitude, as supply chain is all about having good relationships with your suppliers, manufactures and customers. This will also help improve your communication skills, which is highly needed in supply chain.” 

Congratulations to all the 2021 Monica Wooden Supply Chain Scholarship recipients:  
Trenton Waldron 
Clark Mulligan 
Denzel Tracey  
Emily Gilbert 
Latallia McKenzie  
Faculty Spotlight: Seckin Ozkul
Seckin Ozkul, the director of the Supply Chain Innovation Lab, was recently interviewed by Vietnam’s largest news outlet regarding the nation's upside compared to its competitors in the global supply chain.

Claire Benninghoff, Monica Wooden Center graduate assistant, followed up on this with Ozkul to create… 
The Ozkul Report!
Q: What industry do you think Vietnam should focus on becoming a primary exporter in over the next five years? 
A: I believe Vietnam should focus on IT and electronics industry, especially with Intel’s latest (January 2021) $475 million investment towards 5G and core manufacturing in Vietnam bringing their total investment in Vietnam well over $1billion. Through developing additional work force availability in these sectors, Vietnam may realize a competitive advantage in global supply chains.

Q: What supply chain management capabilities does Vietnam lack?  
A: Vietnam has proven itself to be a reliable supply chain partner in many different sectors such as IT and electronics, textiles, etc. Vietnam should focus on keeping up with its reliability through on-time and high-quality product deliveries, while investing in deep seawater ports, which can berth Post-Panamax vessels, so that they can send/receive direct shipments without having to stop at other ports such as Singapore.  Read the article. 
Dr. Ozkul was also interviewed by WPTA regarding inclement weather and its impacts on COVID-19 vaccine shipments to Florida. This aired on Feb. 16. Here is part of that conversation: 
Q: Where are the vaccines primarily being sent from? And is the United States assisting in exporting vaccines internationally?
A: Vaccines are primarily shipped from out of Florida production facilities and distribution centers such as Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, which were impacted by the winter weather in February. This was a major disruption for the supply chain due to the fact that at some locations, because of the below-freezing temperatures, the roadways were impacted, and the work force was unable to reach production facilities, DCs, etc., resulting in delays. The United States is helping with domestic distribution of the vaccine, however international shipments are more commonly handled by each company separately.
Q: How do you think the supply chain management of the vaccines will evolve once there are multiple manufacturers? 
A: This is already the case and it brings more supply to the market and a combined and stronger supply chain for all of the vaccine manufacturers. I expect the vaccine supply to increase and become more reliable as multiple manufacturers work together to supply the large demand for COVID-19 vaccines. To read the story and view the video, click here.
Meet the Employer Success

Some outside business partners had good things to say about our students:

“I had no idea the students are ‘turnkey’… I’m going back to management immediately to fill open positions with these students, because they are more prepared than prospects with experience (two years)” – Madelaine from ConMed 

“USF students are exactly the fit. I will be in touch!“ – Darius from FedEx 

“Your students have an overall diverse skill set that intrigues me.” – Laura from Datex 

“I’ve been associated with USF for years… students, your pitch and the things you are describing is what Walmart values and needs… not sure I could say the same thing six to seven years ago.” – Tom from Walmart 

“Tonight’s event was awesome—the students were very impressive!” – Lexie from Deloitte 
Student Feedback Is Requested—Meet the Employer

Survey link was sent out to student participants via email!  

See the links below for the Meet the Employer April Internship and Employment opportunities: 

Virtual Coffee Meeting

Save the Date: April 7, 2021, 5-6 p.m.

Learn why you should partner with USF Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management & Sustainability for a bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management! 

Chat with our professors or just listen to the Q&A session regarding the program, industry and careers. 

Virtual Coffee Meetings, offered through Microsoft Teams, are open to students from all USF campuses who are interested in a degree in supply chain management. 
Contact for meeting info.
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals at the University of South Florida
USF CSCMP is looking for candidates interested in applying for an Executive Board position for the fall of 2021. This is a great opportunity for you to build your leadership skills, add to your resume, and network with top professionals. Being involved in our organization can help you stand out during an interview and become a great leader!  
Here is some important information to keep in mind: 

  • Deadline to apply is April 8 
  • For a more detailed Officer Description click here
  • APPLICATIONS: Click here

Online (MS Teams) 
*Note: You will be sent an email to coordinate an interview time. 
All applicants must send a resume prior to interviews and prepare the 1-minute pitch. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Victoria Yang.
Virtual sessions every Thursday from 5-6:15 p.m. 
Do you want more insight on supply chain management? Watch this video to learn the basics and why you should major in Supply Chain Management (hint - high paying jobs and sky-high demand). Also, get to know CSCMP on campus and the incredible perks it provides to USF students! 
Alumni Spotlight
Name:  Kimberly Higgins 
USF Degree:  Bachelors Degree in Management and Marketing 
Graduation Year: 2020 
Employer: Goldman Sachs 
Job Title: Operations Analyst 
Key Responsibility: I work in IBD ops within corporate actions and loan servicing. I challenge processes daily and think of ways to make something more effective and efficient. 
How has USF helped you in your career development or your role with Goldman Sachs?  
USF showed me the possibilities there are out there to apply your degree in a field that you would least expect it. 
What were some key transition hurdles and how did you overcome these challenges in your career?  
I relocated to a new state, that in itself has been a weird adjustment. I am also working in an industry that I least expected and while the product I deal with isn’t tangible, I had to change my way of thinking in a supply chain mindset. 
What are key contributions/successes in your company or career?  
Honestly, the professors at USF and within the supply chain program changed my way of thinking and looking at the world and encouraged me to apply things we learned in the class to everyday life. I also believe that networking and fostering connections has been vital in my success. 
What advice do you have for current USF supply chain students? 
Just say yes to opportunities that might be out of your comfort zone but will make you better as a student and a professional. Also, if you have down time and are in a market where jobs might be harder to find because of COVID, take the time to get certified (Lean Six Sigma, Adobe, coding, etc) in skills that will be useful in the future and still strike your interest.
Intern Spotlight
Name: Emma Colangelo 
USF Degree: Supply Chain Management 
Graduation Year: May 2021 
Work Experiences: Logistics Account Manager (intern) 
Current Employer: Scotlynn Group 
Connect on LinkedIn
What were some internship challenges and how did you handle it?  
One challenge was finding an internship for spring 2021. It was extremely difficult due to COVID-19. Not many companies were hiring interns. However, after months of applying I finally accepted an in-office position with Scotlynn. 
What do you want to achieve through your current internship?  
I’d like to learn as much as I can about what it takes to work in logistics. I’d also like to establish meaningful relationships with my coworkers while I am here. 
How did you prepare for your internship with your current employer and your previous internship experiences?  
I researched the company beforehand and made sure I knew what was required of me to do before accepting my position. During my first week I asked a lot of questions to ensure I was learning as much as possible and made sure to introduce myself to everyone I met. 
Student Spotlight
Name: Liyang Ng 
USF Degree:  Marketing with Supply Chain Management Concentration 
Graduation Year:  December 2021
Connect on LinkedIn 
What brought you to the University of South Florida? 
It was a huge and life-changing decision, being an international student, having to leave my home country and travel halfway around the world for the first time to attend USF. However, even with little knowledge about Florida, I’m very grateful that I took the leap of faith! My language barriers, culture shock and environment adaptation ended up growing my resilience to a whole new level.
Why did you choose to study supply chain management? 
The Monica Wooden Center was one that fully awe-inspired my eyes to a new perspective of supply chain management and logistics within the business world. With the passionate professors, hands-on course programs, connection opportunities and purpose-driven teammates, there was simply no reason to not enroll in the Monica Wooden Center. 
What did you achieve through the program?  
One of the many things I have achieved in this program is my clear realization and passion for supply chain management as a career. After several supply chain programs, I have scheduled one-on-one meetings with my professors and my endless discussions with them have unconsciously made me more excited for each class every week. This, I believe, having found a heartfelt joy for what I am studying in, is a huge achievement. 
What is your future career goal after graduation? 
My post-graduation goal is to achieve a black belt in the Lean Six Sigma program and seek opportunities to apply my knowledge with a growing company that holds an impactful company culture. With this, I am confident that understanding the WHY within the company I work for will move me to give my very best in the opportunities that come my way in the future.  
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Tampa, FL 33620