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The Simier Partners Team is grateful to partner with organizations, executives and entrepreneurs who support one another through transitions of every scale.

Now more than ever, our professional community is critical to navigating uncertainty and changing business climates. We hope the below insights spur conversations and new ideas on achieving business objectives together.

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Claire Simier
In her latest Forbes article, Claire Simier shares tips for executives to effectively mentor others through climates of change and stand out as an executive leader.
"Becoming a great mentor can help [executives] raise their profile by signaling to management that they understand the broader talent development landscape and are valuable contributors to these efforts.

The demand for this skill is growing now more than ever because mentors can play a crucial role in retaining talent, maintaining an inclusive workforce and building organizational commitment amid crises"

An executive's career path is rarely linear in today's rapidly shifting workplace and economy. A certain level of reinvention may be required once or many times over the course of their professional lives.

Simier Partners colleague, Lee Woodruff, calls attention to the complexities of professional reinvention and offers inspiring insights in her essay "The Secret to Relevance" featured in Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper.
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