This #GivingTuesday, Stand with Survivors
Our services are more important than ever -
we continue to provide life-saving work
The families in our shelter are currently doing the best they can with the circumstances brought on by the pandemic , and are sheltering in place. 
MSP has had to transform the way we support our clients in the wake of the pandemic . There have been ongoing efforts to determine the best approach to ensure continuity of service for our clients. MSP has implemented a work-from-home policy with the goal of continuing to support our clients during this difficult time. We have been making use of mobile technology to manage day-to-day communication, and conducting virtual meetings with our clients in hope of overcoming the barriers created by social distancing and containment efforts.
Staff have been working hard to ensure families’ needs are met. Daily check-ins and weekly program meetings allow staff to discuss any concerns related to the new normal, and often involve encouraging staff to view self-care as a priority.

Ongoing check-ins and extra measures have been implemented to ensure essential staff feel supported and do not burn out. These will continue to be offered to staff. The agency is also providing an increase in financial compensation for these essential staff members.
MSP has been able to provide basic PPE supplies such as masks and gloves for all clients and staff members. Staff has been diligent in providing education on proactive measures, such as washing hands to ensure proper hygiene, and social isolation while in the building. With tele-health services becoming the new normal, many clients run into the issue of limited access to telephone service and other technologies that would allow them to participate in tele-health services. MSP staff have to consider what types of technology are accessible to particular clients, as a client may not have access to the types of technology that ensure secure communications.
During this time the shelter has been, and will be best supported by the generous donations we receive from our donors . Donations to provide safe transportation to and from jobs and appointments, personal protective equipment to ensure the continued safety and wellness of both our residents and our staff, and finally household and cleaning supplies to maintain cleanliness throughout the shelter are all extremely helpful. During these unprecedented times - our donors are pivotal in allowing us to continue to serve our clients. For that we are very grateful!
"...we will work to get through this crisis together"
In these unprecedented times, it is easy to become overwhelmed with everything going on; between being inundated with negative news stories and not knowing what the future holds, it can often feel like too much.  This can be even harder for the families living at the shelter , many of whom have had plans, like moving into their own homes, stalled. Many have lost their jobs, and the ones who are fortunate enough to have kept their jobs are having issues finding child care while kids are out of school. Clients are also stressed about staying healthy while having to go to work.

One of my clients, who is currently pregnant and is considered high risk, called me a few weeks ago inquiring about diapers. The client no longer had income and also had concerns about going into the community to look for diapers. Normally, the shelter is well-stocked with diapers, wipes, and other supplies needed for the clients, but with the pandemic raging, we realized we were going through our supplies faster than usual, and they were not being replenished at the same rate. After getting off the phone with my client, I immediately emailed my friends and family asking if they could support the shelter, and asked specifically for diaper and wipe donations. Many of them rushed to help. Off-hand, I decided to make a post on the neighborhood virtual bulletin board. I was not sure if people would see the post or want to help, but I figured it could not hurt to ask. The response was overwhelming. Within 48 hours, I was inundated with neighbors wanting to donate diapers/wipes/baby supplies, offers to make face masks for the shelter, and inquiries about other ways people could help the families at the shelter. It was so uplifting and heart-warming to see how the community came together to support My Sister’s Place. The outpouring of support reminded me of the resilience and compassion of our community, and that even in the toughest of times, we will work to get through this crisis together. 

*Written by Sara Feola, LGSW, Children’s Program Manager/Social Worker
Help MSP Meet the Growing Need for Support
  • Make a one-time or recurring donation to support our mission, including the Fresh Start Fund to provide safe housing for survivors of domestic abuse.

  • Provide basic necessities such as diapers, wipes, blankets, and feminine products via our Amazon Wish List.

  • Contribute to The Fresh Start Fund! The Fresh Start Fund will help survivors and families fleeing DV furnish their new homes, help with moving expenses, and help cover unplanned or unexpected costs, as they work to stabilize their lives.