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Your donation to EHT will be matched until September 18th 
This has been an amazing year where we've taken EHT from a local organization to one that has a truly global reach.  The Jackson Hole town proclamation on cell phone safety is now available and being adopted by cities around the world. 

Help us turn this year's Grand Prize Winning Song into a music video and promote Practice Safe Tech contests in schools locally and nationally 

Please note that those of you who are in a position to do so can now donate appreciated assets directly to EHT.  Contact us  for more information.

to Aspen Jacquet,  winner of the 5th Annual Practice Safe Tech Art Contest. Listen to the winning song by Aspen here .

Honorable Mention
to Peter Prestrud of Alarm Clock Films for his video in  the 5th Annual Practice Safe Tech Art Contest. Watch the video here

You Have Until September 18th to Donate to Old Bill's and Support EHT
YOU Can Help EHT Grow

Your 50 dollar donation supports distributing our save the girls and boys cards to clinics

Your 500 dollar donation allows us to share teaching materials on Safe Technology with a local school and provide a local training session for parents and teachers

Your 2000 dollar donation allows us to complete production of the music video

Your 5000 dollar donation supports a national media campaign to release the video

Your 20,000 dollar donation supports completion of pioneering research on brain modeling in infants and children 


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