Help Those Hardest Hit by Coronavirus
Give today to support the Central Minnesota
Emergency Relief and Recovery Fund

The Central Minnesota Emergency Relief and Recovery Fund is being activated to meet critical needs in the region as we face the sweeping and unprecedented effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The fund is being seeded with $20,000 from the Initiative Foundation, and our sincere hope is that you will join us in growing this fund for maximum regional impact. We will focus on disproportionately affected communities by addressing the economic impact of reduced and lost work resulting from the outbreak, the immediate needs of economically vulnerable populations caused by coronavirus-related closures, and the increased demand on our stressed social support systems . The long-term application of the fund will focus on additional needs that will inevitably arise.

Your gift can:
  • Help those whose jobs are affected--or will be affected--in the near future.
  • Help those who face food scarcity.
  • Help those whose household utilities or housing may be affected, and more.

During normal times, more than 20 percent of the grant requests we receive go unfunded, and the amount awarded typically is about half of what is requested. As we move through these next weeks and months, we expect grant requests to mount. With broad-based support from generous donors such as you, we can push past the limitations and do more good for the region.

The Initiative Foundation has a long history of effective disaster response. And while this crisis may prove to be unprecedented, we're confident that we can drive resources to the places where they're most needed.

"We’re applying our disaster response and recovery experience to this new challenge," said Matt Varilek, Initiative Foundation president. "We intend to stand with Central Minnesotans through this COVID-19 epidemic for as long as it takes to recover and return stronger than ever.”

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