Two Easy, No-Cost Ways to Support HEED Uganda with Your Online Purchases

There are two  no-cost ways you can support HEED Uganda with your online shopping.

Read below for simple instructions that can add up to a BIG donations for HEED Uganda!

When you shop at, Amazon donates to your favorite charitable organization. 

This program allows .5% of your Amazon shopping to be credited to HEED Uganda on qualifying purchases. All of your account information stays the same. 

How it works: 
Go to, and select HEED Uganda as your charity. Then, initiate your search from your web browser at instead of when you shop on Amazon. It's as simple as that!

Click on this link to get started:

For other retailers: 

Many retailers will rebate up to 5% of your on-line shopping purchase to HEED Uganda through a website called GoodShop.Com. 

To get credit for HEED through Goodsearch/Goodshop, type into your web browser, and register HEED as your charity the first time your visit the site. When you are ready to shop, initiate your search from, and then type the on-line retailer of choice into their search tool. 

If that retailer participates with GoodShop, their name will appear. Click on the retailers name, and it will direct you to the retailer's website for shopping. A rebate check will automatically be sent to HEED for your qualifying purchases!

Click on this link to get started:

We would be grateful if you "shopped for HEED" through these programs!
Thanks for partnering with us!


Julie Secrist