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As you know, the people in Japan are still dealing with a catastrophe of historic proportions.  In addition to one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded and the resulting tsunami, we are now facing the second largest nuclear disaster ever.  The latter is a situation that is still developing, and to add to the crisis, the affected regions are now facing snow and freezing temperatures, complicating relief efforts.

The Peace Development Fund has endorsed a campaign led by Eclipse Rising and the Japanese Pacific Resource Network, the Japan Multicultural Relief Fund.  This fund will support grassroots organizations working on the ground to support undeserved communities.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, Japan is a country with many ethnic and social minority groups.  This includes Zainichi Korean and Chinese communities (who have been in Japan for generations and are still not granted citizenship), Indigenous Ainu and Ryukyuan people, the Burakumin community (the "untouchable" caste of Japan), and other migrant worker communities. 

As is the case anywhere in the world, these communities are often times the ones most impacted by various tragedies and the ones that are often left out of relief efforts.  Most nuclear power plants in Japan, including the ones facing potential meltdowns in Fukushima, are located in minority and low-income communities.

As donations pour into Japan to support immediate relief efforts, the Japan Multicultural Relief Fund will support grassroots organizations that will continue to ensure that the most impacted and vulnerable communities will have access to immediate and long term relief efforts.  It is critical that these communities are not left out of the long term rebuilding efforts, and your support of this fund will help to ensure that.

Please click HERE to make a donation, and click HERE to read the message from the Japan Pacific Resource Network and Eclipse Rising.

We appreciate all of the support people have already given to relief organizations such as the Red Cross.  We believe that this fund will complement those efforts well by supporting small, community-led grassroots organizations that are doing great work under the radar.

Please give all you can, and thank you for your support!!!

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