Support LMPD Officer Who Stood for Life

As you may know, LMPD Chief of Police Erika Shields recently reassigned an exemplary officer for expressing his faith, while off-duty, in front of the abortion clinic. This officer – who was not in uniform – was peacefully participating in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil on the sidewalk in front of the EMW abortion clinic in downtown Louisville on Saturday, February 20th. Officer reassignments such as this, and the corresponding internal investigations, negatively impact the financial well-being and mental health of LMPD officers and their families.

During a Metro Louisville Government Oversight & Audit Committee meeting on March 2nd, Chief Shields indicated officers should not immerse themselves in any “political” action. Not only does Chief Shields’ statement and actions against this officer violate his First Amendment protections, they fly in the face of past “political” demonstrations by LMPD personnel. LMPD has actively supported officer involvement in previous Pride Parades and have allowed officer demonstrations at BLM events to go unchecked – so why the heavy-handed response to an officer praying in front of an abortion clinic before it even opened for the day? I think we all know the answer to that. LMPD’s double standard in supporting officers’ First Amendment rights is absurd and I call on Chief Shields to apologize to this officer and fully reinstate him today.

You can support this officer and advocate for his unrestricted public expression of faith by contacting your Louisville Metro Councilperson and request Metro Council intervene on his behalf. You can also contact Chief Shields directly and express your disappointment and frustration with her heavy-handed response to this off-duty LMPD officer peacefully expressing his faith. If you would like to make a financial contribution to support this officer and his family, you can do so here (simply include “LMPD” in the PayPal notes).

Right to Life of Louisville will always stand alongside those who peacefully advocate for the rights of the unborn. In this Easter season, let us continue to pray for a change of heart in our local leadership as we look forward to the day when the stain of abortion is washed from our community.

For life!
Corey Koellner
Executive Director
LMPD officers participating in 2019 Pride Parade.
LMPD officers participating in 2020 BLM demonstration at Jefferson Square Park.
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