Support Latin Teacher Training

Dear friend of CAMWS,

CAMWS has launched a fund drive to support K-12 Latin teacher training and professional development, an area at the core of our organization's identity. We have long assisted K-12 teachers in various ways, but additional funding is sorely needed. Many of the CAMWS Consulares have inaugurated this campaign with generous gifts, pledges and bequests amounting to more than $27000. I invite you to join them in support of this important cause.
The plan is for a flexible fund which allows resources for both veteran and novice teachers to be directed to the area of greatest need in a given year. Examples of such support are  tuition or other fees for study towards certification or recertification, start-up funds for classrooms, courses or other opportunities for professional development like study abroad.  At the same time, this campaign highlights the new availability of support from CAMWS for Ph.D. students and recent Ph.D.'s who are making the transition to K-12 teaching.
A few years ago through the generosity of its members, CAMWS was able to create the new Excavation and Field School Awards, which are already enhancing the education of our students. Your response to the Teacher Training Initiative will likewise help to sustain the future of our profession with much needed resources for our K-12 teachers of Latin.
You can contribute via the CAMWS website by clicking the link Donate to CAMWS ( and selecting Teacher Training Initiative, or by sending a check (marked Teacher Training Initiative) to CAMWS, c/o  Monmouth College, 700 East Broadway, Monmouth, IL 61462.
Thank you for your consideration.
John F. Miller
Chair of the CAMWS Development Committee
Monmouth College
Monmouth, Illinois 61462