The Transformed Project
Linda JerniganTransformed Project 2013
Transformed Project 2013

I pray you are well!
I write to you today to request your assistance in the national distribution my DVD entitled, "Transformed."
"Transformed" is a live recording of my personal testimony of deliverance from homosexuality after nearly twenty years.  In this DVD,  I candidly discuss being  molested and my friendship with a woman in my church as my gateway into lesbianism.  After years of "no-choice" lesbianism, alcoholism, and drug abuse, one day I attended a church service where I encountered Jesus.  He assured me that homosexuality was something I could "choose"  to overcome...and right then and there, the journey of transformation began!
As we know, there is a great deal being discussed regarding homosexuality in our nation today.  However, very little is being said  or done with homosexuals who do not desire to embrace their same-sex attractions.  The "Transformed" DVD targets individuals who refuse to embrace their same-sex attractions and/or desires and encourages them to believe that transformation from homosexuality is possible. 
Therefore, I solicit your help as I endeavor to spread this message of salvation and deliverance to the homosexual.  You can assist by (1) Purchase the Transformed DVD for $20 (2) Purchase my new book, Delivered...Now What for $15 (3) Purchase DVD and book combo for $30 and/or (4) give a generous donation of any amount.  You can purchase products and give a donation by clicking on the donate link below. 
To date and with minimal resources, I have completed The "Transformed" DVD (in conjunction with TLN studios and Pastor L. Hardy), and secured local distribution via Christian networks and television stations.  Therefore, your support will ensure that I will be able to obtain the national distribution this project requires.
In addition, I request you add my name and ministry to your long-term prayer list.  The work that I do is in direct opposition with the kingdom of darkness and they are relentless in their attacks.  Therefore, I ask that you keep me covered in prayer (physical body, emotions, and finances) as I remain committed to advancing the kingdom of our God through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Thanks in advance for all your help!
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For more information, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.
Thank you and please know that your support will ensure that homosexuals around the world will hear the message of salvation and deliverance from homosexuality.    
Linda Jernigan