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Hope your summer is going smoother than this past spring and that you and your family are in good health. We thank you for your support of small business, we wouldn't be hear if not for your support. Your support has encouraged me to carry on , and continue adapting to a new normal. 25 years in and Crafted Decor is STILL re-inventing itself.
This newsletter is short and sweet as compared to our usual newsletters. We are still working on a new website, that is more commerce friendly and more items are being added as we work on it.

Featured in this newsletter:
Sid Dickens new collections & retiring blocks,
new in-stock face masks,
new Maison Berger,
and in-store specials.
Some new measures will be put into place to keep everyone safe including:
  • Limited store hours for IN- STORE shopping
  • Contactless curb-side pickups still available: Fri & Sat 12-4pm
  • All customers will be required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer upon entry
  • Limited amount of shoppers allowed in the store at any given time
  • Floor plan has changed to allow more physical distancing.

Our ONLINE STORE remains open 24/7 for your convenience for pick up OR shipping. More items are being added to the on-line store regularly - please visit! Contact us at anytime for items you can't find online
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Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are highly collectible internationally, and created right here in Canada. Each tile is  handmade (of plaster and wood) and painted by different artists before each tile is complete. You will notice that no two tiles are exactly the same because of this. A customer described it as "Pandora For Your Wall".

Collected for their aesthetic and meanings, they become a unique, personal anthology. Crafted Decor has been carrying Sid Dickens for over 20 years, and is among the top Canadian retailers stocking the entire current collection of Sid Dickens tiles as well as many highly coveted RETIRED tiles.

Sid Dickens Memory Blacks commemorate special people and events in our lives. Whether hung on a wall, or displayed on a stand, they express your sentiment. 

Start someone on a meaningful collection than with a special tile from Sid Dickens NEW  Commemoration Collection or the NEW  Special Occasion Tile. Any one of these tiles would make a wonderful gift. The entire collection features many personal messages that suite and mark different occasions or conjure a special memory that would make them ideal for your own collection.
The words of British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer,
Dr. Bonnie Henry ring true everyday:
  "This is our time to be kind, be calm, and be safe." 

Out of admiration and respect for Dr. Henry's dedication and leadership, Sid has created a special Memory Block commemorating her words. Sid Dickens Inc. has teamed up with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and will be donating 50% of the proceeds* from the sale of T-527 Solidarity from now until August 20th, 2020. Sid will also be signing the Memory Block purchased during this time. 
The power to lead lies within each one of us. The time to own it is now.  
The Sid Dickens Enchanted Woods Collection invites us to cast our gaze upwards and take in the beauty of the heavens. This collection fills our eyes with the wonders of the skies and the rich foliage framing them. 

Grassy hedgerows bow down, laden with plump russet fruits exuding Perfection. Filigree and foliage unite in the Maple Leaf, while garlands of Fragrant flowers show that nature’s beauty cannot be surpassed. Sunset Roses express their love from the earth, as ancient trees flow towards the sky, reminding us of the primordial connection between heaven and earth. A wise owl sits in silence, holding the key to unlock knowledge. Angelic wings carry us through this pastoral scene, offering protection and certitude. Through appreciating the simplicity in nature’s resplendence, we realize what matters. Feeling Blessed is a result of living harmoniously and finding beauty in our surroundings. 

Fresh skies and bountiful vegetation, a visual symphony. Through nature we connect with the divine. To live in symmetry with the earth brings abundant blessings.
Descending with a whisper, 
this wise spectator,
holds the key for what we seek.
Its divine shape; 
a symbol of life and love.
Maple Leaf
Filigree and foliage;
Strength and sweetness. 
Resplendent beauty unveiled in synchrony.
Angelic protector,
encompassing us with certainty; 
lofty goals appear closer in your embrace.
Blessed because
(you fill in the space)
Angelic protector,
encompassing us with certainty; 
lofty goals appear closer in your embrace.
Sunset Rose
Nature's expression of love,
blooms unrivalled and unfettered.
Celestial Tree
Grasp the land with mighty roots,
unfurl branches into the canopy of stars, 
connect Earth with the heavens.
A rich fluorescence of sweet fragrance,
an offering of love and devotion.
The Sid Dickens Oceanic Collection breezes into summer, bringing the freshness of salty sea air, along with the comforting nostalgia and hope for the future that comes with it.
Water as blue as sapphire is home to the most delightful, wise, and beautiful creatures. Here, playful and regal patterns intertwine and dance like schools of fish. Rich details permeate the characters in their respective settings, showcasing love, patience, and balance with the natural world. The undersea sage provides Ancient Wisdom in the form of patience and stillness despite the tumultuous ocean of life. The Seahorse strides through the valleys of the sea floor, making the world beneath the waves his ballroom. The White Tulip reminds us to forgive our transgressions, and those of others, while blooming into a new beginning during this time in the world. The Mermaid sings to us and her voice fills our hearts with the light of the very stars themselves.
The Oceanic Collection is Sid's invitation to explore the serenity, magic, and mystery found in the depths of our world's precious ecosystems.
Ancient Wisdom
In the churning ocean of life,
Stability and patience
Holds the world in balance.
The world is my ballroom,
This reef is my home,
Nurture it, for it is also yours.
White Tulip
Pure love distilled in petals,
Manifesting beauty and forgiveness.
Come near, 
Hear my song.
Fill your heart
With the light of stars.
The Sid Dickens 2020 Holiday Collection ushers in the festive season with classic Yuletide motifs. Crafted with soft pops of colour, these images bring forth memories of simple times and nostalgic traditions. The sight of Father Christmas, who comes bearing handmade toys, brings childlike joy. Every bow on the Christmas tree is bejewelled with delicate glowing ornaments. ‘Tis the time of the year when angels watch in delight at the harmony in the world. This collection captures the innocence and jubilation of the holiday season and inspires us to nurture our inner child. 
Kind spirit laden with jubilation,
Spreading festivity and exultation.
Angelic Gaze
Mirthful spirits look on peacefully,
Rejoicing at the harmony in the world.
Shimmer and sparkle,
The scent of pine,
Truly it is the most wonderful time!
DECEMBER 1, 2020
A collection of fragrances that boost your well-being. T he Aroma Collection consists of fragrances created accordingly to a patented and certified protocol which has beneficial effects on the emotions. Available in fuels and reed diffuser refills.

  • Relax: Oriental Comfort
  • Energy: Sparkling Zest
  • Happy: Aquatic Freshness
  • D-stress: Sweet Fruits
  • Focus: Aromatic Leaves
  • Love: Voracious Flower
  • Respire: Icy Stroll
  • Wake-Up: Woody Breeze

With masks becoming a new normal, customers have been seeking fashionable masks. They can be about self expression and about wearing something nice rather than just something utilitarian,
just like eyewear.

These pretty, 100% cotton masks are CANADIAN MADE - right here in Mississauga. Each week a new shipment arrives, and sells out, so the patterns are always changing - new styles every week.

Come by to shop in person, or call to order (905-567-9795).

Canadian - unisex
Comments (example)
(add your own sayings) - unisex
Comments - customizable, unisex, and all ages
Upscale Fashion - Sideview 1
Sideview 2

PLUS more items discounted throughout the store!

*Select summer earrings - BOGO FREE
*Select prints and clocks - 25-50% OFF
* Garden Accessories 25% OFF

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