Be Ready for #givingTuesday

The command, "Be ready for the 3rd day," (Exodus 19:11) set in motion our Kehillah's gathering at Sinai and the building of our 1st institutional structure, the Tabernacle, made possible by our people's  1st philanthropic moment where each gave as their heart dictated (Exodus 25:2) In that spirit, please s upport our mission on this  

Strengthen our Kehillah by promoting the vitality of congregations as centers of Jewish life.  Donate HERE:
Our Work

Fundraising Seminars for Congregations

MAAVAR: Resources for Synagogues in Transition      
  • Sacred Object Clearinghouse
  • Pro-Bono Legal Aid
  • Strategic Planning 
Honoring Anita   Redner's legacy with a new incubator for women's leadership and young leadership

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Unity Mission to Israel: The Synagogue Then and Now

Early Spring, 2019
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