Dear Friends of PSR Philadelphia -

Today is the day! As Thanksgiving 2017 has now passed us, it is time to reflect on our values and blessings. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are synonymous with holiday shopping, #GivingTuesday is a way to make sure our actions stay aligned with our values.

Each of us must find ways to spread our gratitude and give back to those who protect the health of our shared communities both locally and globally as the list below of our year's activities demonstrate. 

Over the past year, your support and donations , have allowed PSR Philadelphia to educate and advocate in the face of major threats harming our world such as climate change, the toxic unconventional gas development industry in our state, and youth violence prevention. In the year ahead, we would like to set still higher goals for tackling these important issues.

The tremendous response from the previous years has made an impact in the lives the of many. That is why today , we would like to surpass all expectations! Celebrate #GivingTuesday right now by donating to help us educate and advocate for the public health issues that matter most to our community.

Truly, what makes this time of the year special is
the gift of giving back to our planet and those in need of help.

We thank you for your everlasting support !

What has PSR Philadelphia been up to so far in 2017?

We Educate
PSR Philadelphia continues to mentor youth in schools and in community groups through our long-standing and growing programs that reduce violence and resolve conflict.
PSR Philadelphia hosted two phenomenal Citywide Health Advocacy Training Days for health professionals and students.
PSR Philadelphia has given keynote speeches, presented award-winning research in public health, organized, and hosted exhibit tables to inform and recruit participants at numerous influential conferences and expositions, such as:
  • The Academic Symposium on the Health Impacts of the Fracking Industry
  • The Air We Breathe: A Regional Summit on Air Pollution and Asthma
  • Perspectives on Our Right to Breathe: A Workshop on Health, Air Quality, and Philly’s Energy Future
  • Shale & Public Health Conference
  • The American Public Health Association 2017 Annual Meeting & Expo.
  • The People vs. Oil & Gas Summit, etc…

We Advocate
PSR Philadelphia has stood with our community and participated in environmental and social movements such as:
  • The Women's March
  • The March to support the Paris Agreement
  • The March for Science Movement
  • The People's Climate Movement, etc…
PSR Philadelphia has strongly supported SEPTA's Energy Action Plan.
PSR Philadelphia has supported environmental rights at risk in communities across our state:
  • The Nicetown neighborhood in Philadelphia
  • Delaware and Chester County United for Pipeline Safety
  • Lancaster Against Pipelines
  • Pittsburgh, etc…
PSR Philadelphia speaks to stakeholders about climate change and how we can be better stewards to Earth, our beloved home.
PSR Philadelphia binds Physicians, Nurses, and all Health Professionals to a shared mission of prioritizing health.