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Support the Guard From Your Yard!

(Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania)

PNGAS is pleased to establish the PNGAS Yard Sign Campaign to show our support and appreciation for Pennsylvania National Guard members deployed against the COVID-19 virus.

Guard members can pick up 1-2 yard signs behind Biddle Hall.

The public can email for details on securing PNGAS Yard Signs.

The public is invited to help us us raise funds to the support the Guard.

Checks payable to:
c/o Biddle Hall
Building 1-109
Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17003-5002

PNGAS, a 501(c)(6) organization, is a registered charitable organization in Pennsylvania. Contributions are not deductible.

The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is a registered charitable organization in Pennsylvania. Contributions may be deductible. Contact your CPA or a tax professional for further guidance.

PNGAS is an independent non-profit organization, not associated with or legally connected to the Pennsylvania National Guard, the US Military, the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs or the state or federal government

Non-profit organizations, The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations, Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation, National Guard Association of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania National Guard Enlisted Association are based in Biddle Hall, Building 1-109, Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17003-5002
Contact Information:
Kathleen Fabrizi, Executive Director, PNGAS
Biddle Hall Building, 9-109 Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003-5002
Mobile; 215-514-5947,


The Guard Vs. Virus

During a media conference last week, Maj. General Anthony Carrelli, Pennsylvania's adjutant general and head of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) said, Guard members are serving close to 100,000 meals a day to food banks, Area Agency on Aging departments, nursing homes and other vulnerable populations.

Carrelli said he is proud of the 25,000 employees of the Pennsylvania National Guard, including 19,000 guardsmen.

"We have declared war on the virus," Carrelli added. "Many of our people are being called to help with testing, to deliver food, to set up alternative medical facilities."


The Grand Canyon University


American Hero’s

In appreciation for all of our current and past military personnel and their families, Grand Canyon 
University is proud to offer the EANGUS American Hero’s Scholarship

GCU will provide a scholarship* for the person whose application and short essay best demonstrate a desire and need for educational and financial support toward finding your purpose.

Application deadline
May 1, 2020

If interested immediately
Contact Darin Pridham

Darin Pridham
University Development Counselor III
Grand Canyon University
717-562-4808 Cell

Refer someone to attend Grand Canyon University at 


Family Readiness is ready to help all Members of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families

Mrs. Gina Childress
Pennsylvania National Guard           
Senior Family Readiness Support Assistant (Contractor) ESC, Inc
Bldg 14-109, FTIG 
Annville, PA 17003
Office: 717-861-8772
Cell: 717-708-8054 

Family Readiness Newsletter Click Here


Pennsylvania Educators and Military Academic Advisors

With regret we are postponing the April 16th PNGAS Educator Day at Fort Indiantown Gap with the 53rd Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, Major General Anthony J. Carrelli. We will reschedule. We send you, your team, school and families warm greetings and well wishes in these trying times.  

In the meantime, the PNGAS Education Action Council will stay hard at work: 

1. It's not too late to apply for 2019-2020 PNGAS Guard Friendly School designation under the 2019-2020 standards:

Presently ten more schools are seeking 2019-202 PNGAS Guard Friendly School Designation

2. PNGAS Jobs Board

Get Good Jobs here for FREE.
Post Good Jobs for FREE.

3. SAVE THE DATE for July 23rd PNGAS Summer Gathering.

Save the Date, July 23, 2020. 

4. The PNGAS Annual Conference is November 6th and 7th in Lancaster. For more information and to register:

Many thanks, 
The PNGAS Team

5. The PNGAS Guard Guide:  


Phantom Products Awarded Certification to ISO 9001: 2015 –

PNGAS Corporate Partner Achieving Excellence

ROCKLEDGE, FL, April, 2020—Phantom Products Inc., a designer and manufacturer of innovative military and law enforcement lighting systems, proudly announces that they have been certified under ISO 9001:2015 as of March 27, 2020. The company earned certification under Orion Registrar, Inc.

ISO 9001:2015 is the most widely recognized standard quality management systems and helps organizations like Phantom Products to meet the expectations and needs of customers.  Phantom Products underwent an evaluation process that included quality management system development, management system documentation review, internal audits and clearance of non-conformances, all of which support identification of corrective actions which we used to implement continuous improvement to the quality management standard.

“Earning ISO 9001:2015 certification will provide additional assurance to our customers that we are focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction,” said Phantom Products’ Director Victoria McDermott . “It is simply remarkable for a small business to have achieved this goal in one year considering the immense variety of lights we design and build here in America.  Our family has been innovating lights that allow Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines to return home to their families safely since WWII and we all take that responsibility seriously. This certification reflects the dedication of our employees. The bosses may make the decision to attempt to reach a goal--but the execution is in the hands of our staff, and truly, we are blessed.  At Phantom Products we desire to always perform at the highest levels of quality and efficiency. It’s essential to delivering innovative, high quality and customer-focused specialized electronics and lighting systems to our customers so they can come home alive.”

For any company, the road to certification requires time and commitment. Phantom Products began the internal preparation for certification in March of 2019, by evaluating existing procedures and aligning them with the new requirements. Since many of the procedures were already well established and met the requirements, the majority of the year was spent improving documentation and reporting.

In order to achieve this certification, #TeamPhantom worked with a local consulting company, CVG Strategy, located in Viera, Florida. Cindy and Kevin Gholston trained, coached and mentored Phantom employees into understanding, formalizing and presenting the requirements to meet the ISO9001:2015 standards.

Phantom Products’ lights are found worldwide in various pieces of military kit, from military ambulance interiors, to the vests of US Army Aviators, to the kits of USAF Combat Controller Teams responding to disasters around the globe. The company’s corporate headquarters, design center, and manufacturing facility is located in Rockledge, Florida.
Victoria McDermott, Phantom Products, Inc


Celebrating our 2019 PNGAS Awards

“PNGAS places great value on recognizing individuals and organizations that promote the success of the Pennsylvania National Guard. We are very pleased to announce the Finalists and Best of the Best of the 2019 PNGAS Guard Awards,” stated Kathleen Fabrizi, Executive Director, PNGAS and Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation. “Surrounding the Guard are many people and organizations undertaking exceptional actions to support the success of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Simply put, it’s a great honor to be nominated for the PNGAS Guard Awards. After more than 20,000 votes were cast, PNGAS selected the front-runners as Finalists, and those receiving the highest percentage of the votes were named, the Best of the Best!”

“Every day and on this Veteran’s Day we honor our veterans and thank our troops serving our nation both overseas and domestically,” added Chad Rettew, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pennsylvania National Guard Associations. “and here in Pennsylvania, on behalf of PNGAS we are honored to recognize such a strong collection of dedicated people and organizations working towards the success of the Pennsylvania National Guard!”

In support of the Pennsylvania National Guard, the 2019 PNGAS Guard Awards are directly tied into the PNGAS and PNGAS Action Council mission and initiatives.

2019 Unit of the Year
Best of the Best The 28th Infantry Division
Best of the Best    Utility Training Battalion
Best of the Best      193rd, SOSS
Finalist                  The 1-109th Battalion
Finalist                    1-104th Calvary B Troop
Finalist        Medical Battalion Training Site
2019 Volunteer of the Year
Best of the Best         Jenny Pappas
Best of the Best         Wilbur Wolf
Best of the Best         Hope Wenzel
Best of the Best         Katie Lacamera
Best of the Best         Kathy Rutherford
Finalist                        Peter Paone
Finalist                        Michele Johnson
Finalist                        Liz Stern
Finalist                      Jonathan Sattlemeyer
Finalist Frederick Donegan
Finalist                        Tara Campbell
Finalist                        Rob Irving
Finalist                        Julie Claycomb
  2019 Member of the Year
Best of the Best             Andrew Inch
Best of the Best             Michael Johnson
Best of the Best             Kevin Dellicker
Best of the Best             Timothy Blasco
Best of the Best             Andrew Schafer
Finalist                            Darren Troche
Finalist                            Eric Bussman
Finalist                            Rosie Carillo
Finalist                            Eric Redman
Finalist                            Eric Kearns
2019 Spouse of the Year
Best of the Best             Erinn Blasco
Best of the Best             Katie Lacamera
Best of the Best             Monica Koontz
Best of the Best             Brittney Becker
Best of the Best             Jacqui Rettew
Finalist                            Gina Childress
Finalist                            Samantha Kelly
Finalist                            Michele Johnson
Finalist                            Rachel Troche
Finalist                            Susan Brent
2019 Leader of the Year
Best of the Best             Craig Kubicar
Best of the Best             Timothy Zerbe
Best of the Best             Michael Siriani
Best of the Best             Paolo Sica
Finalist                            Stacey Arrigoni
Finalist                            Michael Riley
Finalist                            Jose Olivas
Finalist                            Eric Redman
Finalist                            Nathan Smith
Finalist                            Julie Curlin
2019 Recruiter of the Year
Best of the Best             Nick Carlson
Best of the Best             Martina Crouse
Best of the Best             Rachel Ali
Best of the Best             Gabe Sweiger
Finalist                            Jayme Porter
Finalist                            Joe Page
2019 Procurement Leader of the Year
Best of the Best             Chad Hummel
Best of the Best             Brian Beers
Finalist                            Jake Steiner
Finalist                            Michael Riley
Finalist                            Eric Wersler
Finalist                            Matthew Kauffman
Finalist                            Terry Fetterman
2019 Trainer of the Year
Best of the Best             Jake Steiner
Best of the Best             Rich Adams
Best of the Best             Aaron Harman
Best of the Best             Dakin Evans
Finalist                            Carlo Fracchione
Finalist                            Bill Shayner
2019 Family Readiness Leader of the Year
Best of the Best             Gina Childress
Best of the Best             Corrie Wadel
Best of the Best             Tara Rose
Finalist                            Stephany Graham
Finalist                            Sean Stricek
Finalist                            Tim Smeal
2019 Veteran of the Year
Best of the Best             Joel Mutschler
Best of the Best             BG Wilbur Wolf
Best of the Best             Larry Murphy
Best of the Best             George Schwartz
Best of the Best             Jessica Wright
Finalist                            Rob Irving
Finalist                            Wilhelm Ebersole
Finalist                            Ronda Fawber
Finalist                            Jenny Pappas
2019 School of the Year
Best of the Best Drexel ONLINE and Drexel University

Best of the Best             Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Best of the Best             Harrisburg Area Community College

Best of the Best             Pennsylvania State University

Finalist                            Gywnedd Mercy University

Finalist                            Indiana University
of Pennsylvania

Finalist                            East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Finalist                            DeVry University
Finalist                            University of Pennsylvania

Finalist                            Wilkes University
Finalist                            Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics

Finalist                            Lake Erie College of
Osteopathic Medicine

Finalist                            Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Finalist                            Moravian College
2019 Innovation of the Year
Best of the Best             Establishing the Military Family Education Program (MFEP)

Finalist                            Expansion and modernization of the Education Assistance Program (EAP)

Finalist                            Establishing the Keystone Youth Challenge Academy

Finalist                            PNGAS starting the 2019 PNGAS Guard Awards
2019 Moment of the Year
Best of the Best        The historic passage of the Military Family Education Program

Finalist                        The rescue of 18 citizens, 2 dogs and 1 cat during the flooding in Dauphin County PA

Finalist                        Surpassing the $10 million dollar mark from the restoration of the local tax exemption for active duty military pay

Finalist                     EAATS getting an accident investigation course approved by NTSB

The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) is the only organization solely dedicated to fighting for the 19,438 members and more than 67,000 veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families.  PNGAS activities help ensure the PANG is fully funded, manned, equipped, and trained to perform their mission and that PANG members and veterans have the benefits they have earned.

"We Recruit Guard Members, We Retain Families, "

Maj. Gen. Tony Carrelli, PA's adjutant general and head of Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs . On the historic passage of Act 32, The Military Family Education Program (MFEP).
Gilbert (Dusty) Durant,
PA Dept of Military and Veterans Affairs | Policy, Planning, and Legislative Affairs Office played a pivotal role in the creation and passage of Act 32, the Military Family Education Program.

Military Family Education Program Becomes Law in Pennsylvania

The Military Family Education Program (MFEP) is now Act 32, of 2019.

 “We thank the governor and the legislature for leading the nation in recognizing the critical support role our Pennsylvania Guard families have in securing our safety and security,” said Maj. Gen. Tony Carrelli, PA's adjutant general and head of Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs .


2020 PNGAS Lunch n Learn Series!

We are seeking colleges, universities and companies to host and speak at 6 Lunch and Learn events at Biddle Hall or your location in 2002.


  PA VETCONNECT is an exciting new regional outreach initiative. Members can assist with this program by sharing resources and/or services that can assist a veteran in need.

Pennsylvania is home to nearly 800,000 veterans – the fourth largest veteran population in the nation. The DMVA recognizes that they are only one player of a vast network of organizations that are necessary to successfully serve these veterans. While DMVA – through its Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) – provides a number of programs and benefits for veterans, there are still areas for which they do not have formal programs such as unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injury (TBI). DMVA hopes to address these gaps through creative inter-agency coordination and community partnerships

The first phase of PA VETCONNECT encompasses a three-and-a-half-year rollout that began in December of 2018. During the first six months of this phase the concept was developed, requirements were documented, vision & mission statements were defined, initial stakeholders were identified, a focus group was engaged, and regions were established across the Commonwealth. DMVA-OVA looked at current processes to determine the most economical approach to accomplish this goal. To that end, three employee positions were re-purposed and/or roles were redefined to administer and implement PA VETCONNECT.

By dividing the Commonwealth into five regions, DMVA will be better able to identify and create partnerships with local community resources and providers that can serve veterans and their families. This includes resources that are not traditionally thought of as veterans’ services or programs. Once identified, the information on the service provider can be entered into a resource database that will be made available to County Directors of Veterans’ Affairs, Veteran Service Officers & Specialists, and any other veterans’ advocates for quick and easy reference.

DMVA-OVA further scrutinized its business plan and found cost saving measures to make several operational functions run more efficiently. The monies realized from the noted cost savings measures, as well as small cuts in other areas, created enough funding to support the hiring of the first five regional personnel for fiscal year 2019/2020. Moreover, DMVA will look at existing department owned facilities or partnerships with sister agencies to house regional personnel so as not to incur additional facility expenses.

Regional Program Outreach Coordinators (RPOCs) will be the “boots on the ground” individuals who will support the outreach team throughout the region, and establish and maintain working relationships with community leaders and local/regional organizations, Veteran Service Organizations, local/county/state government agencies, and other community partners, to gather information and identify resources to facilitate the delivery of services to veterans and their beneficiaries.

One of the elements of this project is a unique Information and Referral (I&R) database that provides those who serve veterans with the names, contact information, and basic overview of organizations that have resources to address veteran-specific needs. This database will eventually contain thousands of organizations throughout the Commonwealth that have the resources to assist veterans’ needs. With a county system already staffed by County Directors of Veterans Affairs, and a vast network of nonprofit organizations at their disposal, this I&R database will have the flexibility to connect veterans, service members, and their dependents to the programs and services they need regardless of the municipality, county, or region where they reside. Through this tool, advocates can more easily assist veterans in locating organizations or resources throughout the state that offer programs and services geared to their specific needs (Note: It is not the intent that advocates would simply hand the veteran or family member a printout of available resources. They believe the best practice would include working with the veteran or family member to find the appropriate resource or service by contacting the service provider, setting up appointments, arranging transportation, etc.).

The DMVA realizes that there is no way a program of this magnitude can be successful without the cooperation of our community partners, especially those who are on the ground level and work every day to improve the lives of veterans. The information and referral tool will roll out in phases, with the first quarter of 2020 targeted for a full statewide roll-out.

Stay tuned, as the newly formed PNGAS Veterans Action Council, chaired by Brig Gen (Ret) Jerry Otterbein will be focused on assisting the roll-out and success of PA VETCONNECT.

To get involved, contact:


Camp Freedom
Camp Freedom is a non-profit
organization that conducts
outdoor adventures for disabled
Veterans, First Responders, their
family members, and Gold Star
families. Our adventures take
place on 1800 acres in Northeast
Pennsylvania where we hike,
bike, fish, hunt, ride UTV’s, do
watersports, conduct shooting
sports, and so much more. Our
adventures in the healing
outdoors are a breath of fresh air
for those who are struggling in
life whether it is physically or
mentally. We are healing heroes
with outdoor adventures.

Matt Guedes
Executive Director
Camp Location:
284 Number 7 Road
Carbondale, PA 18407

PNGAS is pleased to continue working together with AFBA and their long-time friend of Pennsylvania, Tad Shuey (Vice President, National Guard Markets). AFBA has a long sponsorship history with PNGAS and an unwavering support of PA Guardsmen. For 13-years, PNGAS has partnered with AFBA to bring Guardsmen the SSLI insurance benefit.

Adopted 11/09/2019, updated 03/13/2020
2020 Legislative Agenda
The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS)

WE ARE PNGAS,  the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations, the only organization exclusively promoting the highest levels of readiness, modernization and quality of life for our 19,438 members and 67,500 veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families, while making sure our men and women have the very-best equipment and resources. Over the next 12-months, the Pennsylvania National Guard must recruit more than 2,300 new members to replace Guard members that have completed their commitments and/or retired. As a direct result, PNGAS legislative, budget and mission priorities reflect the critical need to attract, train and retain quality women and men in the Guard and recognize institutions that help optimize recruitment, retention and procurement strategies of the Pennsylvania National Guard. The PNGAS mission helps members, veterans and their family’s access and get the benefits they have earned.

To strengthen the Guard, PNGAS adopts this 2020 Legislative Agenda and directs its energies, resources and talents be specifically focused to secure swift passage of these PNGAS priorities:

1.       The Educational Assistance Program (“EAP”)  is the #1 recruiting and retention tool for the Pennsylvania National Guard and remains a top budget priority of PNGAS. This year, PNGAS supports and urges advocacy for the Governor’s proposed FY 2020-2021 state budget EAP allocation net increase of $818,000 to $14,083,000.

2.      With the 2019 passage of the  Military Family Education Program (MFEP),  designed as a top retention tool requires a budget of $3,083,000 in the proposed FY 2020-2021 state budget. 

3.       Retention Tax Credit.  PNGAS priority legislation. We seek final passage and 1 st  year funding. Sen. Brooks is circulating a   co-sponsorship memo   to reintroduce SB1280 (Vulakovich). Please co-sponsor and support final passage, with PNGAS clarifying language.

4.       HB 1338 ,  (Barrar) We seek passage of this legislation, and a 2nd year budget allocation of $1.493 million to fund the  Keystone State Challenge Academy Special Fund.

5.      Instead of budget cut, increase prior year Veteran’s Outreach budget funding by $500,000 in the FY 2020-2021 state budget to help address veteran suicide crisis in Pennsylvania.

6.      Instead of budget cut, increase prior year Veteran’s Home budget funding by $1 million in the FY 2020-2021 state budget to help address coronavirus impacts. 

7.      In addition to the proposed $396.118 Million in total DMVA mission funding, we support an on-time state budget that provides $430 Million for total state funding for the DMVA in the FY 2020-2021 state budget as the legislative priority of PNGAS. Acknowledging that depending on virus impacts additional DMVA funding may be required prior to budget passage, or in supplemental budget considerations. 

8.       SB976  (Regan) establishes Veteran’s Court provisions into state law is a PNGAS legislative priority.

9.       SB952  (Regan) updates the state’s veteran preference definition and clarifying language. 

With the COVID-19 crisis, we may need certain professional and medical license priorities adopted by the General Assembly in expedited fashion.

PNGAS supports the following legislation :
HB 229 sponsored by Rep. Deasy, Combat to College Program, Title 51 (Military Affairs) promotes a veteran-friendly educational environment to assist veterans and returning deployed military in attaining a degree from a higher educational institution. Referred to  VETERANS AFFAIRS AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS , Jan. 28, 2019 [House]

HB 89  sponsored by Rep. Rothman - Establishes the Veterans and Reservists Entrepreneurial Training and Support Program within DCED. Referred to  VETERANS AFFAIRS AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS , Jan. 28, 2019 [House]

HB 630   sponsored by Rep. Day - Amends Title 51 (Military Affairs) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in military leave of absence, further providing for employment discrimination for military membership or duty. Referred to VETERANS AFFAIRS AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, June 6, 2019 [Senate]

SB 347  sponsored by Senator Baker and  HB1570   sponsored by Rep. Mackenzie, Gillen & Sainato - A Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution, providing for exemptions and special provisions for the surviving spouse of any member of the armed forces of the United States who was killed in action, or who died as a result of injuries received while in active service. Referred to  FINANCE , Feb. 27, 2019 [Senate] Referred to  FINANCE , June 4, 2019 [House]

SB 601  sponsored by Senator Sabatina - Legislation Providing Job Training Preference for Active Duty Service Members (adds National Guard to the list). Under current law, the Workforce Development Act provides no preference for veterans or their spouses. Laid on the table (Pursuant to Senate Rule 9), Sept. 24, 2019 [Senate]

SB 1041   sponsored by Senator Bartolotta – Creates Veteran and Disabled Veteran Business Logo Designations.  We support with PNGAS amendments.  Referred to VETERANS AFFAIRS AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, April 26, 2018 [House]

SB 356, PN 864 sponsored by Senator Boscola - License Portability for Military Spouses – Pennsylvania - PNGAS supports, more strongly supports with amendments to include members and veterans of the armed forces, reserves and Guard in addition to military spouses.  Laid on the table (Pursuant to Senate Rule 9), June 26, 2019 [Senate]

HB 239, PN 209 sponsored by Rep. Readshaw - Updates Military Recruiter Access -
Referred to  EDUCATION , July 8, 2019 [Senate]
Our Federal Legislative Priorities Include:

S.164  (Daines) /  H.R. 613  (Kelly)  Expand TRICARE Reserve Select Coverage. Remove the prohibition on eligibility for TRS of members of the reserve components who are eligible to enroll in a health benefits plan under chapter 89, Title 5, U.S.C. STATUS: S. 164 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Armed Services on January 16, 2019 / H.R. 613 Referred to the Subcommittee on Military Personnel on January 24, 2019.

S.3308   (Sen.  Manchin , Joe, III [D-WV]- Senate - 02/13/2020 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Armed Services.   H.R.5887  -  Guard and Reserve Hazard Duty Pay Equity Act, (Rep.  Kim , Andy [D-NJ-3]) - 02/13/2020 Referred to the House Committee on Armed Services. To standardize payment of hazardous duty incentive-pay for members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces.

S. 3266   (Sen.  Tester , Jon [D-MT] – Senate - 02/11/2020 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Veterans' Affairs,  H.R.5870  (Rep.  Levin , Mike [D-CA-49] - House - 03/02/2020 Referred to the Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity. Guard and Reserve GI Bill Parity Act of 2020. Provides parity in G.I. Bill benefits for members of the National Guard and Reserves who increasingly conduct similar training and missions as active duty troops, but do not receive equal benefits.



The PNGAS Jobs Board was designed to help members and veterans of the Guard and their families find Good Jobs. It's free.

Every citizen can use this site.

Featured Employers include
PNC Bank,
Wells Fargo,
Greencastle Consulting,
PJ Dick Trumbull & Lindy Paving,
PA Army Reserves
Central Penn College
Associated Builders & Contractors
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and
US Federal jobs.

The PNGAS Jobs Board is open to all to every job seeker.

PNGAS established the PNGAS Jobs Board as an open platform so veterans of all armed forces as well as citizens can access the site and seek jobs. We want to help good companies find good people. 


All companies can use a 45-day FREE test-drive to post jobs, use the system and give us feedback to make it better.

Our goal is to post and promote Guard Friendly Jobs, and help as many people as possible to get good, Guard-Friendly Jobs!

The FREE 90-Day Code is: "PNGAS2020Q1"

Free Code: "PNGAS2020Q1"

The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) celebrates the 30 colleges and universities that have earned the designation, PNGAS Guard-Friendly School.

“Guardsmen have unique responsibilities that active duty troops and reservists do not have, and this creates different challenges for them when pursuing a degree,” stated Brigadier General (Retired) George Schwartz, Chairman of the PNGAS Education Action Council. “These 30 schools have made a deliberate effort to be flexible, accommodating and supportive of Guardsmen-Students and deserving of recognition. The PNGAS Guard Friendly School designation is a win-win!”

For many years, the Education Assistance Program (“EAP”) has been the number #1 recruiting tool for the Pennsylvania National Guard. Since its inception, Pennsylvania has distributed more than
$281 Million through the EAP so Guard members can get college, university and trade school degrees. The EAP provides a tuition benefit equivalent to the yearly tuition rate set by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) so that members of the Pennsylvania National Guard can attend one of 488 Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) approved schools. Presently, the EAP is an almost $32,000 tuition benefit.

With the July 2019 enactment of the Military Family Education Program (MFEP), there is a now a non-lapsing fund providing EAP-like tuition benefits to spouses and children of members of the
Pennsylvania National Guard when a Guardsman re-enlists for another 6-year term too. Next year, the MFEP will be an almost $32,000 tuition benefit for spouses and/or children of a Guard member that reenlists for 6-years.

In less than 3 years the EAP and MFEP could exceed $30 million a year in tuition benefits.

As state and national emergencies and global warfare become increasingly sophisticated, technology-driven
and complex, having a well-trained and educated Guard force is more strategic and valuable than ever.

“We are very confident the designation, PNGAS Guard-Friendly School, will keep producing immediate and long-term benefits and synergies for students, faculty, alumni, PNGAS members, veterans, their families, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its economy,” Kathleen Fabrizi, Executive Director, PNGAS and Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation.

In 2016, to help optimize taxpayer dollars and increase the positive impacts of the EAP program for Guard recruitment and retention, PNGAS started collecting and sharing best practices among K-12, colleges, universities, trade, certification and training schools. PNGAS discovered many examples of inflexible, intolerant and unfair practices against members of the Guard. PNGAS also found that few schools knew how many Guard members even attended their school or how much EAP funding they received on an annual basis. But, by promoting and championing best practices, dozens of schools began improving many aspects of their relationships with members of the Guard and Veterans.

To further their efforts, PNGAS formed the PNGAS Education Action Council (EAC) in 2018, chaired by Brigadier General (Retired) George Schwartz to jump start these initiatives. Very quickly the EAC had discussions to define and create an application for the designation of a PNGAS Guard Friendly School. For months, dozens of colleges, universities and trade schools gave edits, insights, commentary and suggestions of the definition and application process for a PNGAS Guard Friendly School designation. Released in April 2019, the PNGAS Guard Friendly School application, designation and logo were designed to showcase and promote the schools that meet and exceed the
ten standards adopted by PNGAS.

The PNGAS board approved the 30 self-nominated institutions to be named as 2019-2020 PNGAS Guard-Friendly Schools for the 2019-2020 academic year. Of the more than 480 schools eligible to
receive EAP funds, only these schools have earned the right to be designated a PNGAS Guard Friendly School. In 2020 PNGAS and the EAC are reviewing several additional standards to help more members, veterans and their families get advanced degrees.

PNGAS is a non-profit organization, not associated with or legally connected to the Pennsylvania National Guard, the state or federal government, the US Military or the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

The First 30 Schools Receiving the Designation - PNGAS Guard Friendly School

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Central Penn College
Community College of Allegheny County
DeSales University
DeVry University
Drexel University
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College
Immaculata University
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Lebanon Valley College
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Montgomery County Community College
Moravian College
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Penn State University (Abington)
Penn State University (Beaver)
Penn State University (Berks)
Penn State University (Greater Allegheny)
Penn State University- (Harrisburg)
Penn State University - School of Public Affairs (Harrisburg)
Penn State University (Mont Alto)
Penn State University (Schuylkill)
Penn State University (University Park and World Campus)
Penn State University (York)
Saint Joseph's University
Slippery Rock University
University of Pennsylvania, College of Liberal and Professional Studies
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
The PNGAS Guard Guide

The PNGAS Guard Guide is available in print and digital formats. The Guard contains valuable information about the Pennsylvania National Guard, all in one place, at your fingertips. Plus , the PNGAS Guard Guide supplies updated contact leaders and phone numbers across the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Thanks to our many sponsors, this information is made available to the members and veterans of the Pennsylvania and their families.

To get print copies, 1, 10, 25 or 500, please contact

Here is the digital link: Click HERE

With the increase of deployments, intense training, and state emergencies, more than ever Guard parents are away from their children. for extended periods of time.

Through their service to our nation and Commonwealth our Guard parents miss birthdays, sporting events and holidays.

We believe Gifts 4 Guard kids is the perfect way for Pennsylvanians to show their appreciation, send thanks and share gifts with children of Guard members.

We salute the dedication and sacrifice of mothers and fathers serving in the Pennsylvania National Guard.

For 2020 PNGAS is seeking dozens of companies, schools and organizations to collect gifts, donations and gift cards during the Summer and Fall of 2020, so PNGAS can facilitate the distribution of gifts to children of members of the Pennsylvania National Guard during the December holidays.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the "Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation," ℅ Biddle Hall, Building 9-109, Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17003. The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. These contributions shall be used to purchase gifts and gift cards and pay for postage and delivery expenses. 

For more information or to designate your group or organization as a collection location for the PNGAS Gift for Guard-Kids program, please contact Shelly at or call 717-623-0909


As your Executive Director, we have developed a tight, cohesive, professional team; defining needs and focusing PNGAS talent and resources to deliver strong results. Legislatively, PNGAS played a strong supporting role in the enactment of (1) the first-in-nation, Military Family Education Program (MFEP), a new $32,000 tuition benefit for spouses and children of Guard members that re-enlist for a 2nd six-year enlistment, (2) enhancements to the $13.265 Million Education Assistance Program (EAP), a $32,000 tuition benefit for a members first 6-year enlistment, (3) multi-state reciprocity law for professional licenses, (4) pay equity for senior officers, and (5) $1 million funding for the Keystone Youth Challenge Academy.  The PNGAS Legislative Agenda is powered by Phantom Lights .
Our strongest recruiting tool, since inception, the Educational Assistance Program (EAP) has paid more than $218.9 million in tuition benefits to members of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Very soon, the Military Family Education Program will be our strong retention tool.
Over the past 12-months, PNGAS has launched several excellent initiatives already making positive impacts, including the PNGAS  Gifts4GuardKids  program, PNGAS Guard-Friendly Schools designation; three Action Councils; and, PNGAS Jobs Board where we hope you consider posting job openings .  
Simply put, for you, we want PNGAS to be the best state association in the National Guard!
Our redesigned PNGAS sponsorship offerings are crafted to build relationships between business, schools and non-profit organizations, through our PNGAS Action Councils, with the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard. These relevant conversations help PNGAS define and execute its legislative priorities, facilitate industry innovations, and help PNGAS grow grassroots coalitions to secure Governor, General Assembly and community support for priority legislation and funding. By listening, this year we set a Commonwealth Club record for 12-month $2,500 relationship agreements with PNGAS that detail deliverables for many events, programs, and marketing/branding opportunities throughout the year. 
WE ARE PNGAS , delivering proven results and looking forward to working together with Guard-Friendly organizations to advance The Guard and support our members, veterans and their families. Contact us at:

Kathleen Fabrizi, Executive Director
PNGAS and Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation
PNGAS Gifts4GuardKids


2019 Legislative Victories

Thank you - Governor Tom Wolf, the elected members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Committee Executive Directors and Legislative Staff for your continuing support of the Pennsylvania National Guard, it's members, veterans and their families.

Working together with these dedicated leaders, we are pleased to share updates on the 2019 PNGAS-LEGISLATIVE AGENDA"

* Military Family Education Program (MFEP), now Act 32 of 2019

* Professional License Portability, now Act 41 of 2019

* Military Pay Parity, now Act 55 of 2019

* Civil Air Patrol under DMVA, now Act 60 of 2019

* Pennsylvania Keystone State Challenge Academy receives $1 million initial funding

* Education Assistance Program (EAP) modernized and funding increased to $13,265,000

* Total PA-DMVA state budget increased to $160,332,000

Governor Tom Wolf  signed HB 1172, now Act 41 of 2019, that cuts bureaucratic red tape to make it easier for new Pennsylvanians, including military spouses, with an out-of-state occupational license to work.

“Portability is especially helpful for members of the military and their spouses who frequently move between states in service of the country and often have difficulty quickly getting a license to work in their profession," said Gov. Wolf.

“We are very pleased to celebrate passage of all of our 2019 PNGAS Legislative priorities. With so much at-stake, PNGAS and our legislative team has been more active than ever in the Harrisburg state capitol and Washington, ” said Executive Director Kathleen Fabrizi. “In 2020, we are advancing another strong PNGAS Legislative Agenda. We are ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT. When our team is in harm's way, when our team is rescuing our citizens in emergencies, we want our members, veterans and their families to have the very best equipment, resources, support and training.

Read more:

Working together, PNGAS is advancing
legislation, funding and grant programs that benefit the members, veterans of the Guard and their Families

The Military Family Education Program (MFEP) - After investing billions to create the best National Guard in the United States, increasing retention rates of well-trained Guard members is cost-effective, strategic, and wise. Recognizing this, the Military Family Education Program (MFEP) was introduced by Governor Wolf in the February 2019 Budget Address to create a new non-lapsing Fund providing EAP-like tuition benefits to spouses and children of members of the Pennsylvania National Guard when the member re-enlists for another 6-year term. 

A PNGAS 2020 priority, PNGAS supports full funding for Year Two of the MFEP.

To read more: HB 1324

The Educational Assistance Program (“EAP”) is the #1 recruiting and retention tool for the Pennsylvania National Guard and the top legislative priority of PNGAS. Last year with PNGAS support, EAP funding was increased to $13,265,000

A PNGAS priority, PNGAS supports full funding for the EAP.

The EAP and MFEP, and their budget requests, are the #1 priorities of PNGAS in 2020.  

"We're so pleased to see the bi-partisan support of the MFEP and EAP modernization legislation," stated Kathleen Fabrizi, Executive Director, PNGAS "As our National Guard is deployed more often for state emergencies and overseas deployments the families of our Guard members are forced to carry more of the family-burdens alone. To directly address these critical situations, the MFEP and EAP modernization are specifically designed to help members of the Guard and their families."

Pennsylvania Keystone State Challenge Academy
Gets $1 Million Allocation in State Budget

Act 51 of 2018 created the Keystone State Challenge Academy. Now funded by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the initial $1 million allocation will draw in federal matching funds to jump-start this predominantly federally-funded initiative presently operating in 29 other states.

In the Fall Session, we hope to see passage of the legislation introduced by House Committee Chairman Steve Barrar to establish the Keystone State Challenge Academy Special Fund. This legislation and its funding remain PNGAS legislative priorities. Read more here : HB 1338,



The BAC is chaired by Wilbur E. Wolf, III, Brigadier General (Retired), US Army. The BAC is focused on helping business interact and support the Pennsylvania National Guard, its members and veterans, as well as their families.  


A Guard Friendly Job provides good pay & benefits, flexibility, opportunities for advancement and is one of the best recruitment and retention tools for the Pennsylvania National Guard. All veterans and citizens can use the PNGAS Jobs Board.

The PNGAS | JOBS Board is here:

Thank you to PNC Bank and Wells Fargo for sponsorships of the PNGAS | JOBS Board.

PNGAS Volunteer Larry Wasser continues to innovate this site to optimize results.

While our sole focus is helping members, veterans and their families secure Guard-Friendly JOBS, all citizens are invited to use this site and all employers are invited to post Guard-Friendly Jobs. All are welcome. No taxpayer funds have been or will be used to operate the PNGAS Jobs Board. 

FREE 90-Day Code: " PNGAS2020Q1"

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas to strengthen The Guard and this site, please email us at 

A special thanks also to Bobby Rahal Automotive Group for their posting of multiple jobs for members and veterans of the Guard and the personal attention of their senior leaders to help Guard members get good jobs with free advanced training and certification programs.

We are showcasing apprenticeship programs offered through ABC Keystone. Get Paid While You Train: Learn More and Apply

PNGAS | Entrepreneurs HELP DESK

The PNGAS | BAC will be a prime resource for veteran-owned businesses. For members/veterans seeking information and funding to start a company or for established veteran-owned seeking resources to grow and expand their business or hire members/veterans the PNGAS | BAC will assist, connect, and help member/veteran owned businesses. To get started contact:

PNGAS | Directory of Guard/Guard-Veteran Owned Businesses:

One of the best ways to support member/veteran-owned businesses is referrals. To learn more and/or get your business posted, contact

PNGAS | Directory of Discounts and Specials to Guard Members 

Hundreds, if not thousands of companies offer discounts and specials to members of the military, PNGAS is collecting, publishing and promoting a growing list of companies and organizations that offer discounts and specials to members/veterans of the Guard and their families.

PNGAS | Legislative Agenda relating to Guard-Owned Businesses:

The PNGAS | BAC continues to actively support the PNGAS Legislative Agenda supporting entrepreneurial initiatives for members/veterans and their families. As the Guard trains and gets deployed more frequently, it's strategic for PNGAS to help facilitate more resources towards Guard-owned businesses. Accordingly, the BAC is reviewing several pieces of legislation that would leverage existing state economic development to help start and grow more businesses and organizations owned by members/veterans of the Guard.

All are welcome to participate on PNGAS | BAC Monthly Calls:

Next calls: 11May, 08June, 13July, 10Aug, 14Sept, 12Oct, 09Nov, 14Dec

All 2nd Monday calls at 10:00 a.m., and the conference call-in number is: 605.313.4912#972215#1

For more information contact: 


The EAC is chaired by George M. Schwartz, Ed.D., Brigadier General (Retired), US Army. In 2020, the EAC is advancing a strong set of initiatives for members and veterans of the Guard and their families.

PNGAS | Guard-Friendly Schools:

30-Schools have been designated a PNGAS Guard Friendly School. All schools are welcome to apply for PNGAS Guard Friendly School status at Application for PNGAS Guard Friendly Schools

All Schools are welcome and encouraged to apply.

With the modernization of the EAP and the introduction of the MFEP, the Guard Friendly School designation efforts are designed to energize all schools towards best practices for members and veterans of the Guard and their families. For more information contact:

PNGAS | Point-of-Contact Forum:

The EAC is a forum for the federal Point-of-Contacts at Pennsylvania colleges, universities and trade schools. PNGAS will be offering trainings and resources for new POCs.

PNGAS | Military Credentials and College Credits:

In the months and years to come PNGAS will play a leadership role in establishing articulation agreements and enabling legislation for the conversion of military training into college credits, as well as credentials towards state licenses and certification. PNGAS will promote best practices for Military Academic Credit Review Boards.

PNGAS | Professional License Reciprocity and Portability:

PNGAS will play a leading role supporting legislation and initiatives to increase license reciprocity for career pathways. Military families should be able to move between states and continue their careers without undue delay, disruption and costs.

PNGAS | Legislative Agenda relating to Education:

The EAC continues to actively support the PNGAS Legislative Agenda pertaining to Education issues. Many EAC participants are sharing support letters and legislative support for initiatives in the PNGAS Legislative Agenda. The new MFEP and modernization of the EAP are the #1 priorities of PNGAS.

All are welcome to participate on PNGAS | EAC Monthly Calls:

Next calls: 11May, 08June, 13July, 10Aug, 14Sept, 12Oct, 09Nov, 14Dec

All 2nd Monday calls at 11:00 a.m., and the conference call-in number is: 605.313.4912#972215#1

For more information contact:
George M. Schwartz, Ed.D.
Brigadier General (Retired), US Army is leading the PNGAS Education Action Council.

30-Schools are now designated a PNGAS Guard Friendly School.

Working together with schools, we are amplifying best practices that so many schools are advancing and deploying to help our members and veterans of the Guard and their families get their degrees with flexibility, understanding and affordability.

The EAC is also advancing military credentialing and professional license portability and reciprocity.
PNGAS Veteran's Action Council

Over the past months, PNGAS has established its third Action Council specifically devoted to improving the lives of veterans. The PNGAS VAC will prioritize and advance legislation helping veterans, and facilitate initiatives with the Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs (DMVA) to help individual veterans connect to the broad range of services they have earned. PNGAS will help support PA VETCONNECT and amplify ways to help connect veterans and their families to the benefits they have earned. The PNGAS VAC will help optimize personal outreach, communications and social media marketing to strengthen results for individual veterans.

The VAC is focused on getting more Veteran Friendly Jobs and career paths readily available to veterans, Guard members and their military families.

More than ever, with COVID-19, we need Pennsylvania to have the best professional license reciprocity and military credentialing in the nation! 

We encourage veterans to help us accomplish our Action items.

The PNGAS VAC will be chaired by Brigadier General (Retired) Gerald E. Otterbein who brings a wealth of knowledge in military leadership and organizational development.

All are welcome to participate on PNGAS | VAC Monthly Calls:

Next calls: 11May, 08June, 13July, 10Aug, 14Sept, 12Oct, 09Nov, 14Dec

All 2nd Monday calls at 12 noon and the conference call-in number is: 605.313.4912#972215#1

To volunteer and for more information contact:

Wells Fargo Sponsors PNGAS Jobs Board
To jump start the PNGAS Jobs Board, Wells Fargo was our first Featured Employer.

To learn more or get a roofing quotation contact: 717.461.9518 or visit:

PNGAS is pleased to continue working together with AFBA and their long-time friend of Pennsylvania, Tad Shuey (Vice President, National Guard Markets). AFBA has a long sponsorship history with PNGAS and an unwavering support of PA Guardsmen. For 13-years, PNGAS has partnered with AFBA to bring Guardsmen the SSLI insurance benefit.

We Love Pocono Raceway


Will Be Amazing...

Pocono Raceway will host five premier NASCAR and ARCA races in four days from June 25 – 28, 2020. The weekend will include two NASCAR Cup Series races (taking place on consecutive days), a NASCAR Xfinity Series race, NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series race and an ARCA Menards Series race!

  • DAY 1 will feature a NASCAR Gander Outdoors Trucks Series race before the NASCAR Cup Series race on Saturday, June 27, 2020.
  • DAY 2 will include a NASCAR Xfinity Series race and will be followed by a NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

A more detailed, tentative schedule of events, which includes race start times and lengths is listed below.


Pocono Raceway is seeking student interns:
For more information,


November 6-7, 2020
The 2020 PNGAS Annual Conference is going to surpass the 2019 Conference.

You gave us great feedback, giving us great ideas for the 2020 Conference.

Already, we have great organizations and leaders asking to be a part of the 2020 Conference and initiatives of PNGAS Action Councils.

You Can Register NOW

To learn more visit,
The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) is the only organization solely dedicated to fighting for the 19,438 members and more than 67,000 veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families.  PNGAS activities help ensure the PANG is fully funded, manned, equipped, and trained to perform their mission and that PANG members and veterans have the benefits they have earned.