December 2015

Thank you for helping the Environmental Health Trust carry forward our lifesaving work.  We've got one week to raise $10,000. If we succeed--and we know we will!--an anonymous donor has pledged to match the $10,000 so your gift is doubled! 

It has been a huge year for EHT and The Right To Know About Cell Phone Radiation:

  • After years of efforts nationwide, the City of Berkeley California passed the Cell Phone Right to Know Ordinance!
  • France, Italy, Israel and Cyprus set new precedents to inform the public about the health risks of wireless radiation.
  • Dr. Davis delivered the Dean's Lecture at Melbourne University resulting in a wave of press attention.
  • New state of the art imaging confirms children get higher radiation doses from cell phones and are not protected by current cell phone testing regulations.
  • Consumer Reports now recommends to cell phone users 'keep the phone away from your head and body" and "don't stow the phone in your pants or shirt pocket" just as EHT has been stating for years.
This year, EHT will devise powerful new imaging that shows how cell phone & tablet radiation enters children's brains and bodies so that you can share this lifesaving information with your community. But we rely on individual supporters - like you.

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Together we can make a huge difference in 2016. Thanks for helping EHT stay at the forefront in the fight for a safer and healthier world.


Devra Davis PhD MPH

 Watch an Excerpt of Dr. Davis Speaking at The University of Melbourne

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