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January 2019
A Personal Note from Board Co-Chair, Alice Leung:
Happy New Year! As we begin 2019, I am definitely approaching my work as co-chair of the Gastric Cancer Foundation with increased determination, deeper understanding, and great hope.

In late 2017, I learned that I had breast cancer. Suddenly, I was a cancer patient, facing the shock and vulnerability that all cancer patients experience when receiving this news. Fortunately, my disease was diagnosed early and could be treated. I am now well again. Patients with gastric cancer are often not as fortunate. The disease is typically diagnosed late and treatments are still limited. Since gastric cancer is less common, far fewer resources have been directed to the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of these patients.

That is why the work of the Gastric Cancer Foundation is so essential. Our small foundation has been working diligently for the last nine years to raise awareness and increase investments in research. The pace of progress is accelerating, and we will continue to press forward until better diagnostics and treatments - and a cure - are available. I hope we can count on you to join us in this important work. Please consider making a donation today.

Rainbow Carrots Provide a Colorful and Healthful Side Dish
This month from the Gesundheit Kitchen, Gastric Cancer Board Member and "Chef without a Stomach," Hans Rueffert, offers a recipe for roasted carrots that is easy to make and can be creatively folded into different meals. Keep an eye out for his quick seasoning salt recipe during the video!

Special thanks to Merck & Co., Inc. for supporting this video series through an educational grant. Subscribe on YouTube so you never miss an episode!

Have a question for Hans? Email it here.
Relatives of Gastric Cancer Patients Can Make an Impact: Enroll in the Gastric Cancer Registry Today
The Gastric Cancer Registry at Stanford University's Genome Center is building a vital resource of information and genomic material that scientists use for cutting edge research. The team is seeking greater participation in 2019 and we urge all gastric cancer patients AND family members to participate. You can play an extraordinarily important role in the search for a cure.

You are eligible to enroll in the Registry if you have ONE of the following:
  • You have been diagnosed with gastric cancer.
  • You have a known germline mutation of your CDH1 gene.
  • You have a family history of gastric cancer in a first or second degree relative.
Enrollment involves an online questionnaire and donation of a small saliva or blood sample. Registry staff is available to answer questions and assist you with the enrollment process.

Visit or call (650) 497-3619 to enroll or request assistance.

The Gastric Cancer Registry was created by the Gastric Cancer Foundation through the generosity of Diane and Ron Weintraub, in memory of their beloved daughter, Beth Weintraub Schoenfeld.
Research Roundup
Gastric cancer research is progressing this month, with new studies and clinical trials underway to find a cure.

Published in Oncology Advance, a new study looks at the association between quality of life, disease characteristics, and treatment outcomes in patients with advanced gastric cancer.

Meanwhile, an early stage drug tested in a new study shows promising results for gastric cancer patients.

Lastly, a large phase 3 trial is enrolling gastric cancer patients to investigate the anti-PD-1 antibody, tislelizuma.

Speaking of clinical trials, you can always use our Clinical Trial Navigator Service to learn about clinical trials that are looking for your specific diagnosis, stage and treatment history. A trained navigator is available to help online and on the phone. Matches are drawn from the full national database of active clinical trials.

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