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NOVA Special Olympics Community and Friends...

The USA Games is fast approaching. We are trying to raise as much as we can to offset the expenses of travel and uniforms for the group.  To help out, SOVA has set up a Classy fundraising page for the team. You can choose to support our talented crew of athletes and coaches. Since SOVA pays part of the cost, 50% of the donation will go to help cover their part, and the other 50% to the Area for the team member you are choosing to support. 

This is an easy way to support our Area team going to Orlando and help the Area program at the same time.  The athletes and coaches have been working on raising funds as well but now is the final push as we are getting close to the games.  

Here is our area crew....You can read more about them by clicking their pictures to see their biographies. When you are ready to contribute DO NOT PRESS the DONATE button on their page


See the instructions below the profiles or watch the video at this link...

Donation instructional video
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Johnathan Wolf (athlete)
Richard Wolf (unified partner)   

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Matt Elliston (Coach)
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Michael Lozos (athlete)
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Open Water Swim
Carl Alf (athlete)
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Open Water Swim
Hannah Walden (Swim Coach)
Youth Leadership Experience (Youth Leaders)
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Sarah Espanol

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Aaron Feinberg

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Tatum Scarborough

Please consider helping our team in their effort to Win or Be Brave in The Attempt

Click the link at the button below and you will have the chance to select your athlete/coach from a pull-down menu during the process.

Donate to the Athlete/Coach of your choice...

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If you reach this you are on the wrong page...

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