Dear Friend,

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a great number of people in our literary community find themselves in newly precarious situations. Many bookstores have closed their doors indefinitely and hundreds of booksellers are suddenly out of work. In an effort to alleviate these new burdens, and the ongoing difficulties they so clearly represent, we're encouraging you, now more than ever, to shop independent.

As a bonus, we'll send you a Two Lines Press tote bag for FREE if you purchase any work of translated literature or a gift card from an independent bookstore.

The tote bag features a quote from On Lighthouses , which we will publish in May, as well as an illustration by author Jazmina Barrera. They are not for sale and only available through campaigns like this one.

Something to consider: at present, not all shops are able to physically pack and ship orders as quickly as they'd like. This is a precautionary measure that ensures the safety of their customers and their staff. An influx of orders is great, but it is also a looming challenge.

With that in mind, if you're not sure exactly what to order ( even after considering these bookseller favorites ), we invite you to look to the future: order a title that maybe isn't out for a few months. What works in translation are coming out later this year, you ask? Consider this list of titles we're eagerly awaiting.

Of course, we have forthcoming titles as well, including:

  • Lake Like a Mirror by Ho Sok Fong (trans from Chinese by Natascha Bruce): defiantly feminist stories from Malaysia, one of the most religiously diverse regions in the world
  • On Lighthouses by Jazmina Barrera (trans from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney): a brilliant treatise on lighthouses, collecting, and loneliness from Mexico
  • Echo on the Bay by Masatsugu Ono (trans from Japanese by Angus Turvill): the Mishima Prize-winning novel by the author of Lion Cross Point
  • That Time of Year by Marie NDiaye (trans from French by Jordan Stump): a nightmarish vision of otherness, privilege, and social amnesia, the latest from the world-renowned, Prix Goncourt-winning French novelist
  • Harmada by João Gilberto Noll (trans from Portuguese by Edgar Garbelotto): a mythic novel of art and displacement from a Brazilian master of hallucinatory prose
  • Home (various authors, multiple translators): a bilingual edition of new poetry from Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and more; the second installment of our new Calico Series
To receive your tote, simply purchase a book from an indie bookstore and email Chad ( a screenshot or photo of your receipt, as well as the address where you'd like to receive your tote bag. Please use the subject line INDIE SUPPORT.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity. Stay safe, everyone. We're with you in solidarity.

Two Lines Press & the Center for the Art of Translation
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