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A 2014 British Council study of southern African employer satisfaction revealed that only 17% of employers were satisfied with the quality of new hires from southern  African universities. The dissatisfaction was mostly with the moral development of graduates. Yet, higher education institutes don't assess students' moral character. African Christian University seeks to change this. Please help us change Africa by supporting an African student's education with a holistic, Christian emphasis.

Classes start again on January 16, 2017
Can you give a gift to help support another student's education for the coming year? Any amount will help. Go here to support a student.

Thank you!
It's through the prayers and giving of those who understand the importance of education from a Christian worldview that the Zambian church can support transformation of Africa through Christ. Thank you for your partnership in helping ACU  succeed in this past year.

How far do we have to go?
We're trying to support every student with a minimum 5,000 kwacha (~ $500) scholarship per year ($25,000 total). So please, help us share the need. Tell your church and friends that they can support ACU in this kingdom work as well. 

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