Thank you New Westminster Business Community .


Our Membership and Community Relations Manager Miranda was invited to talk to Global BC last night on the tremendous business spirit we have here and tonight there is a follow up feature on Global BC! Thank you Jill Krop and Global BC!


The Chamber will be supporting Barry Buckland, Michael Hwang and a great group musicians to host a benefit concert for our downtown businesses.


Hazel from Douglas College and her team were out yesterday serving coffee and muffins to the first responders.


Heidi from B2B NOW has been brainstorming with her colleagues to develop a fundraising event for our downtown businesses during Small Business Week!

The Chamber is there for any help you need!


Gary from The Pantry is offering his restaurant, all the food and the services to anyone looking to host a benefit for up to 100 people. 604-549-9010


Dublin Castle could provide some food and beverage for the benefit concert being organized or they  would like to offer our restaurant as a space to hold a fundraiser and provide complimentary food and beverage.


Sheila Comer from Pink Ribbon Bakery love to donate cupcakes to be served at the benefit concert! 604-837-4025


Jenny from Mid Century Modern Home, has arranged for free ads in the Georgia Straight when event planners are ready to advertise the benefit events. 604-515-1865


Fire Chief Tim Armstrong has offered his firefighters and his fire trucks for use in any of the benefit events! 604-519-1006


Giuseppe Ganci from Last Door Recovery Society and his team are will to assist in any volunteer capacity. 604-525-9771


Thank you to the New Westminster NewsLeader for their donation of a full page being featured next Wednesday that will assist us in matching the needs of the affected businesses


Many businesses are stepping forward with offers of support such as:


Adam Isfeld from Key West Ford is offering any of the affected businesses the temporary use of a vehicle and also he and all of his staff have offered to volunteer in any way necessary. 604-834-9771


Gary Steele from The Pantry has offered lunch vouchers for those business owners affected by the fire. 604-549-9010


Justice Institute of BC is donating 100 x $10.00 Cafeteria Certificates for all of the affected businesses, first responders and others who are helping to make a difference. Certificates can be picked up at the Chamber.


Mike Noel from C2K Solutions is offering computer set up and support plus he is willing to help businesses in any way. 604-944-0165


Carolyn Egan, Shops at New West, is offering Commercial space to all of the businesses affected. 604-242-9045


Evan Thomas from Blue Sky Properties is also offering Commercial space at the 625 Fifth Ave Location. 604-376-3662


Rose Tiernes from Cadeaux Gifts is offering businesses to use her unoccupied space in Sapperton 604-521-5269


Katie from Medical Esthetics is offering free facials and de-stressing services to all business owners affected 604-764-1274


Karima from Bosley's Pet Food Plus of offering to help pets from pet friendly businesses who have been affected and is willing to help the businesses in any way. 604-522-5280


Jay Catalan from Network Hub is offering free space to all of the businesses affected and use of the large board room. They have high speed internet and a printer scanner available as well. 604-544-5045


The River Market is  offering affected businesses and organizations use of Market's kiosks, Community Square, Food Hall, etc. free of charge for up to 6 months


Monica from A Win Insurance is offering a boardroom and complimentary office space to the affected businesses. 604-590-1251


It's Your Time that will be providing their services for free for the next week to any businesses currently affected by the fire. 604-648-8799


Bart Slotman from the Uptown Property Group offering their only vacant space to one of the businesses affected by the fire and is willing to help in any other way. 604-525-8866


The Chamber is offering its assistance as well in terms of office space, use of office equipment, telephones, or any other services these affected businesses may need. Our door is always open!


If you would like to offer assistance as well, let us know and we will send your offers and contributions to our downtown business colleagues!


If you are a business that has been affected, call us today and let us know what you need and how we can help! 604-521-7781




Your New Westminster Chamber Board and Staff