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Support for Remote Teaching
Dear Colleagues, 

I want to acknowledge the incredible work you have done to rapidly transition from in-person to remote teaching under unprecedented and challenging circumstances. I know it has been difficult, stressful, and often frustrating. We are all making sense of this together and if there is anything we in the CTE can do to help ease your burden, let us know. Please reach out to us if you have questions, need support, or just want to chat. We need to also prioritize self-care and support for one another.

 A special thanks to the CTE team who have put in incredible hours to create resources and provide faculty support in these extraordinary times. 

Laura MacKay
Director Centre for Teaching Excellence

Teaching Continuity eLearn Site 

We have centralized all faculty teaching & learning support in the Teaching Continuity eLearn site (virtual support, documents for using eLearn and video-conferencing, how-tos, ideas, etc.). We offer daily online chats and virtual support. All faculty are enrolled.  

  • Online chat daily 8:30-10:00am in eLearn
  • Virtual support daily 3:00-4:00pm link in eLearn
Webinar on Creating Exams in eLearn

Please join us for a webinar Thursday, April 2nd, 11:30-1:00 pm on creating exams in eLearn. Learn how to import a question bank, shuffle questions, add accommodations for students, etc. The webinar link is provided on the Teaching Continuity eLearn site
Low Tech, Low Barrier

With this quick shift to remote teaching and learning, it is important to recognize we are not doing online teaching and learning, which is planned, intentional, and incorporates a lot of technology. We are doing pandemic pedagogy - remote teaching, assisted with technology, to do the best we can given the circumstances to complete courses that were designed to be delivered face-to-face. You are not required to stream online classes. We recommend the basics – communicate with students, deliver content via eLearn (notes or Powerpoint) and be online regularly for office hours and virtual support. Students did not sign up for online courses, so they do not all have access to the necessary technology and/or are sharing one computer among their family members. Having to learn many new tools is challenging for students and faculty alike. Opt for low tech, low barrier teaching and learning.
FAQs About Exams 

When are they held? How do I create an online exam? What is an alternative to an exam? How can I discourage cheating during an on-line exam? Please see Exam FAQs and other resources on the Teaching Continuity eLearn site .  
Online  Exams

As we near the end of the term in these unprecedented times, faculty are looking for ways to adapt their final exams to an online format. First, you might want to decide what format your final exam needs to take. Look to your student learning outcomes to guide your choices.
Consider the following matrix: 
Face-to-Face Course
Multiple Choice: 
Combination of MC and Written Answer:
Essay Answer:
Online Course  
Use Quiz Tool in eLearn (randomize questions) 
Use Quiz Tool in eLearn with question banks (randomize questions) 
Use Assignment Tool in eLearn (with timed exam period) 
The CTE has created a resource to guide you through the steps of creating an online exam using the Quiz Tool in eLearn. The guide and supporting videos are found in the eLearn course, Teaching Continuity. Simply log into eLearn and open Teaching Continuity. If you encounter problems logging in, contact IT Help at ithelp@capilanou.ca

Note that Zoom is not supported by the university. WebEx and MS Teams are our current video-conferencing tools. We are looking at the possibility of including Zoom for the summer semester. However, Zoom is not FIPPA compliant and will need a Privacy Impact Assessment. If you are using Zoom, we would recommend that you have students join using aliases and turn off their video camera (as per UBC recommendations).
LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning with Lynda.com content is now available to Capilano students as well as faculty with free unlimited access. Now you can link content directly through your eLearn site. This may be helpful to you in supplementing content.  
Kaltura is Coming Soon

We have been working with IT to obtain Kaltura for video recording, lecture capture, and video streaming. Training will be available in April. Stay tuned!
Postponed Events 

We have cancelled or postponed our upcoming CTE events. Our priority is supporting instructors at this time. 

Please reach out if you need support.

The Centre for Teaching Excellence Team

The Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) fosters excellence, innovation, and collaboration in teaching and learning by supporting faculty and staff through programming, mentoring, professional development opportunities, and research on effective teaching.