May lst, 2015
Image Courtesy of Asha Canalos
Vera Scroggins 
                                                               Image Courtesy of Asha Canalos 

Vera Scroggins pleads for us  

now we are pleading for her!


Vera pleads for us, now we plead for her. Vera Scroggins, a mother, a grandmother, an ordinary citizen but most of all woman with a camera, who has taken it upon herself to show the world what drilling and fracking is doing to the land and the people of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. If you don't know Vera, become familiar now with her  and the sense of justice that informs her activism.  She is acting on behalf of all of us who are fighting for a sustainable energy future, see here and here.    


A powerful corporation has succeeded in obtaining an injunction against her that restricts her freedom of movement in the county in which she lives.  Now unjustly accused of violating that injunction, a judge with a financial interest in the fracking industry has ruled against her.  Vera has chosen not to pay the fine imposed as she has stated, "she has not committed any crime"  and as a result  the judge has informed her that she will face a jail sentence.  Read Vera's own account here


It is important to remember that when one goes to jail, one goes alone!

If Vera goes to jail, we want her to know that we support her and honor her for her brave actions.


We are setting up a special fund through The Mothers Project, a 501(c)(3) corporation, so your contributions to Vera's Legal Fund will be tax deductible.  All contributions will go directly to Vera to help with her ongoing legal fees. In making your donation please designate that your contribution is for Vera Scroggins. Please donate!  

Checks can also be sent to: TMP at 2578 Broadway, #108, NY, NY 10025, Please mark all donations "for Vera"


With Gratitude,
Angela Monti Fox, Founder
The Mothers Project/Mothers for Sustainable Energy, with affiliates in North Eastern Pa, New Jersey, Colorado and the Louisiana Bayou.

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