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Dear Friends,

Since Chef Yulanda Hendrix's passing, we've been moved by the outpouring of support for our beloved  Lisa Thomas-Adeyemo and her son Atoba. This loss has been significant. We also continue to face seemingly relentless broader conditions -- unprecedented climate disruption devastating Mexico City, Santa Rosa, Puerto Rico, Vietnam and beyond; and increased surveillance, racist violence, severe neglect and disrespect of our communities, and intensified  global militarism.

During this past month, here at generative somatics (gs), we've remained in practice.  We led our Transformation in Action 1 course in NYC, our Somatics & Resilience course in Los Angeles, and our final 2017 session of Teacher Trainings. We stayed present to the real need gs has for funds, and  the many other urgent calls for donations and action as well. W e continue to learn about how to work within these contradictions. 

As we wrote in our last email, we chose to pause our  Sept ember fundraising effort --  Get Centered: $30K in 30 days -- to create space for grieving the loss of our beloved Chef Yulanda and supporting Lisa and Atoba. Even so, in September, we were able to generate approxim ately $18,000 from 200 donors. We are humbled and grateful for this support.  
The intensity of this moment will likely continue. There won't be a perfect or correct time to ask you to donate to gs. By December 31st, we're aiming to raise a total of $325,000. There is currently $275,000 pledged. That means, we have $50,000 left to raise before the end of 2017.  

So, we are asking you to contribute to gs today  --  as one part of the bigger project of moving toward wholeness in this very broken world.  Because donations are truly what makes this work possible. 

Please donate. We are grateful for your support. 

Please also save-the-date and join us for a national video/phone gathering on December 12th - information below.

Chris & Staci
Chris Lymbertos, Program Director 
Staci K. Haines, Executive Director