Help our Syrian-Armenian community
Dear supporter of the Armenian Relief Society:

Two years ago, the ARS of Eastern U.S.A. initiated the “Sponsor a Syrian Armenian Student Program” in an effort to help youth from Syria who have settled in our homeland, Armenia.

Support is provided in order to help fulfill the dreams of newly arrived youth, who are striving to continue their education, and who will eventually become highly skilled professionals in Armenia. You can help sponsor a Syrian-Armenian student for $320 a year.
The ARS of Eastern U.S.A. continues to offer support to the ARS of Syria through numerous other programs, which help Syrian-Armenians sustain themselves through these difficult times. It is vital that we continue to assist the Syrian-Armenian people through our many Syrian Relief Programs, including the “Hot Meal,” “Warm Home,” and “Sponsor A Syrian Armenian Family” programs.
The ARS has been active in Syria since 1919, when the Armenian Red Cross was founded in Aleppo by a group of Syrian-Armenians, who sought to provide relief to survivors of the Armenian Genocide. It has maintained a presence in Syria for a century, and we hope to continue supporting their efforts.
The Armenian Relief Society will continue to serve the humanitarian needs of the Armenian people, through an army of volunteers, who not only provide financial support, but also their time and effort. We will continue to raise funds and distribute these funds generously.
We kindly ask our donors to support all of our Syrian Relief programs.

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