SAI Newsletter – Giving Tuesday
At SAI, our vision is of a world where workers, businesses, and communities thrive together. This Giving Tuesday, we are grateful to all those who have supported that vision by sending donations, keeping in touch through our email newsletters, participating in our training courses and projects, or supporting in other ways. Your contributions and participation have allowed us to continue and expand our work around the world addressing the needs of workers, helping businesses operate more responsibly and sustainably, and fostering partnerships with other NGOs and multi-stakeholder initiatives in pursuit of decent work globally.  

With your help, this year we have been able to: 

  • Bring TenSquared, our 100-day challenge to improve working conditions and worker-manager relationships, to four new factories 
  • Support Vizhuthugal, a small nonprofit in Tiruppur, India, to deliver services and relief to thousands of vulnerable migrant workers during the pandemic 
  • Train over 600 people on labor issues through our public and customized courses 
  • Continue to protect workers through our SA8000 certification program during the pandemic
  • Provide direct relief through the Inclusive Waste Recycling Consortium (iWrc) program and make just working conditions accessible to informal waste-pickers 
  • Host the Anker Research Institute (the research partner of the Global Living Wage Coalition), supporting its leading-edge living wage and income research. 

…and so much more! We cannot thank you enough for helping us make all of this possible. 

Thank you for your continued support of SAI's mission and solidarity with vulnerable workers. 

The SAI Team 
If creating more decent jobs and building more resilient supply chains is a priority for you this year, and if you are able, we hope you will consider supporting our work with a donation.
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FairCapacity Platform Launch Event
SAI is hosting a virtual panel discussion on December 10, 2021 to mark the official launch of our FairCapacity Platform and Production Capacity Calculator.

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Updates from the Anker Institute
New Living Wage Report and Update
The Anker Research Institute released new living wage and living income reports this month, including:

And an update report for:

The Anker Institute is the independent research arm of the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) and SAI is the institutional host.
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December 6–10 | Remote - Asia/Pacific
December 13–17 | Classroom - Shanghai (Chinese)
January 11–15 | Classroom - Bangladesh
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