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Our May Grant Cycle
Dear Resister,

We know that even in the face of formidable challenges, grassroots movements have always paved the way for change and liberation, bringing those at the margins to the center while the rest of the world follows. 

That’s what makes our movement so exceptional—our togetherness is a bond that means we are never alone in our commitment for a better world. When one of us suffers, we all suffer; when one of us wins, WE ALL WIN.

Resist sits at the intersection of every single progressive issue because all systems of oppression are inextricably linked. Your support of our grantees tackles white supremacy and corporate greed on every front, from safeguarding the environment to dismantling the prison industrial complex.

Resist grantees don’t wait for those in power to solve community problems, they act swiftly, with integrity and great resolve. Those on the frontlines of change know that when we stand with them, dedicating energy and resources to their work, we are all one step closer to bringing about the change we need.

I’m excited to announce that this past grant cycle, we redistributed $198,000 to 37 grassroots groups transforming their communities, tackling injustices, and making the impossible possible! 

Below you can read about three of our Hell Yeah! Grantees, groups that exemplify all of the radical, innovative, and necessary work happening on the frontlines of movements for social justice.

[ID: 2022 May Grant Cycle infographic. Background image is a protestor wearing a mask holding up a cardboard sign that reads: "#SAYHERNAME"]
[ID: Members of Common Ground CLT work outside, holding a meeting. A banner says: "Homeless can't stay home"]
In Baltimore, the houseless organized themselves, developed their own leaders, and created democratically controlled housing that was deeply affordable and secure. Common Ground CLT establishes and maintains permanently affordable, democratically controlled, non-commodified housing for the poorest and builds communities where every member is supported so they can participate in ways they find meaningful.
[ID: Members of Tenayuca Labor Project stand outside in a group masked and talking to one another. A child is on his a someone's shoulders looking at the camera]

Tenayuca Labor Project works to permanently end wage theft and labor exploitation in Orange County, CA. They talk, engage, ID, recruit and develop leadership in low-wage industries in Orange County, particularly the food service/restaurant sectors. They form committees, train workers to transform into strategic organizers and use cultural and base-building strategies to reach more workers and help them win campaigns of their choosing. Most notably, they helped recuperate most of the $30,000 in stolen wages from a restaurant called Casa Oaxaca.
[ID: Members of Wisdom Circles Oceania sit in a circle indoors. In the middle are various art supplies and paintings]

Wisdom Circles Oceania cultivates healthy, thriving communities through healing-centered programs rooted in creative expression and cultural connection. The essential creative elements in their work include Eco-Art therapy, Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy, Narrative Theory, mindfulness practices, traditional cultural practices, visual arts, and music therapy.
In solidarity,

Co-director, Resist


  1. Common Ground CLT
  2. Tenayuca Labor Project
  3. Wisdom Circles Oceania

Resist is a foundation that supports people's movements for justice and liberation. We redistribute resources back to frontline communities at the forefront of change while amplifying their stories of building a better world.  
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