APF would like to introduce you to two organizations working to help the neediest in Pakistan: Transparent Hands and i-Care.

Transparent Hands Foundation US is a global healthcare crowdfunding platform working in underprivileged countries. They have conducted 400 surgeries and have treated more than 10,000 patients through free medical camps in Pakistan's rural areas.

Transparent Hands aims to provide the best surgical treatment to patients suffering from diseases. Their team and medical partners use their skills and expertise to provide state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for patients. Transparent Hands conducts surgeries free of cost at private hospitals with the help of donations and charity. Donors from all over the world can use their online crowdfunding web portal if they wish to donate. By selecting a patient, donors are able to fund surgeries and receive regular feedback and updates until the patient has completely recovered:  https://www.transparenthands.org 

Recent Medical Camps

Free Medical Camp in Okara Sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation
Free Medical Camp in Lahore Sponsored by Hi Tech Lubricants 


Jalal: Thank You for Not Giving Up on Me

"I was a patient of congenital heart defect. Doctors almost given up on me as there was no advanced healthcare facility in my area. They told my parents, I had little time to live. Only heart surgery could save my life and with the help of Transparent Hands and kind people like you, I went back to my home happy and healthy after undergoing successful heart surgery in Lahore. Thank you again for saving my life. It was not possible without your support."

Hands Apps


i-Care allows you to support more than 80 charities in Pakistan in the areas of health, education, social protection, and livelihoods. i-Care has U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable status, so donations are tax-deductible: https://i-care-foundation.org

Message from i-Care: As families unite this holiday season to rejoice and count their blessings, let's not forget about the millions who stay deprived of the joys life has to offer. Pakistan is a host to millions of underprivileged people. Do you want to donate to causes in Pakistan but don't know the right organization to donate through? Partner with i-Care and have the option to support causes across the spectrum, with the administrative convenience of i-Care taking care of disbursements to beneficiaries and reporting from our partners for you to know where your money is spent.

i-Care offers a one-stop solution to donate to various causes - some of our featured charities help safeguard children's rights, help victims of domestic abuse, provide free basic and advance healthcare to people who can't afford it, provide special support to children with disabilities, and help abused animals in the country.

As a 501(c)(3) charity, your donations through i-Care qualify for tax exemption if you are a resident of the US. We have been a trustworthy source of donating to Pakistan for over 10 years, reaching over 3 million beneficiaries. Learn more and join over 10,000 donors at https://i-care-foundation.org