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Chaplain Ministry

Soldiers in the Battle Zone

There are no non-believers here.” ~ a soldier at a battle zone in northeastern Ukraine.

For most of us, it is hard to imagine what the soldiers face daily. An experienced veteran would understand.

Chaplains on the Front Lines

A chaplain, who is close to the soldiers, can encourage their thoughts, touch their souls, and talk to them on topics that a soldier does not allow anyone to discuss with them except another soldier, a brother-in-arms. These men serve together and share a close, strong relationship. This special status is extended to a chaplain and allows him to discuss their concerns and help them with prayer and understanding God’s Word.

Pastor & Chaplain Sergey Zamotsky

Pastor Sergey has led a small congregation (New Life Church) in Brodets’ke (a small urban-type town in Vinnytsia Oblast, southwestern Ukraine) since 2021. Shortly after the war in Ukraine began Sergey knew in his heart that enlisting was what he needed to do. He did this with the blessing of his family and church. God guided this decision and provided an enlisted job as a chaplain. Sergey has experienced first-hand the effectiveness of being a brother/chaplain to his men. “I have witnessed how the Word of God and prayer reconciled a unit preparing for a mission. It is important when a chaplain has authority, gains trust among the soldiers, and becomes their spiritual leader.” Sergey also attends and provides training and encouragement to others who serve in the armed forces. He travels to their units and “testifies about our Lord.

How Best to Serve

Sergey lives an hour from the base in Zhytomyr and over ten hours from where his battalion is defending their country on the front lines in southeast Ukraine. To serve his unit best, he wants to be near when they have needs.

One solution for best serving his fellow soldiers is to purchase a four-wheel drive minibus outfitted to provide a place to conduct this ministry. Here is what that would look like: 

  • A minibus as a place to live, a way to deliver aid, and office space including a set of office equipment: laptop or tablet, scanner/printer
  • Screen and video projector with speaker and microphone
  • Eco-flo power bank and inverter generator with a regular sine wave

A setup like this could cost between $15,000-$20,000. The effect of this investment for Sergey is to minister to more than one thousand soldiers.

Sergey proclaimed, “Friends are given to us by God, and having friends in the United States is a privilege. I believe God will support and help us because we only want to fulfill His Word and calling!

Donate Now

Two donors new to READ Ministries are retired vets. They were moved to support this new ministry when they heard about Sergey's heart for sharing Christ and caring for his brothers-in-arms. These two veterans want to encourage and challenge others, especially like-minded veterans, to join this significant appeal for a minibus now and future support for chaplains involved in providing trauma care.


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