Lucy Stensland Laederich
FAWCO US Liaison
FAWCO is an original organizer of the annual Overseas Americans Week
in Washington

July 2015

US Liaison Bulletin

Legislation and a letter to help overseas Americans: we need your support
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York is well-known to FAWCO for her tireless efforts on behalf of overseas Americans.  Well, she's done it again - not once but twice!

First, working with AARO, ACA and FAWCO, and with her fellow Co-Chair of the Americans Abroad Caucus, Mick Mulvaney, her office drafted a letter to Treasury Secretary Lew and IRS Commissioner Koskinen supporting our long-standing position that financial accounts in the country where we are fiscally domiciled should not be subject to FATCA reporting (our "same country exclusion" proposal). They circulated the letter to their colleagues in the House of Representatives, asking them to join them as co-signers but, regrettably, very few have. 
They need to hear from their constituents abroad that this is an important letter (otherwise, why should they care?)!

Please read the article about this on the FAWCO home page and write to your Representative now
.  Representatives Mulvaney and Maloney want to send their letter to Treasury and the IRS very quickly with as many co-signers as possible from both sides of the aisle!

Second, working this time with California Congressman Mike Honda, Representative Maloney has re-introduced her  " Commission on Americans Abroad Act" as H.R. 3078.   The bill would create a bipartisan federal commission to study specific problems facing Americans abroad and make concrete recommendations to fix them.  We cannot let Representatives Maloney and Honda be voices in the wilderness!  They need for their colleagues to co-sponsor this bill and show that it has widespread bipartisan support (otherwise, in this divided Congress, it will never reach the floor of the House for a vote!).

On the FAWCO home page, you'll find more information and two model letters that you and your family and friends in the US can send to your legislators, asking them to co-sponsor.

And for those who have phone plans that make it inexpensive and easy, why not do the very best thing: pick up the phone and call!  You'll find both a website address and a Washington DC phone number for your Representative at .
Call, give your name and say you are a constituent currently living abroad and you want to express your support for H.R. 3078, which could help to resolve some of the issues you face as an overseas American. You will find the person on the other end of the line courteous and attentive (if you stay courteous) and you'll have a chance to tell him/her about one of those issues. Be assured that your message will make it to the right staffer and your Representative will hear about it if more than one person calls about the same issue (or if you're lucky and have a staffer who has spent time abroad)!

Those who support us need our support!  Please help Representatives Maloney, Mulvaney and Honda make their case for overseas Americans (and a quick thank you to them for their support will go a long way toward building up good will - for those not in their districts, Facebook may be the best way...). 
Show them we care the best way you can, and enlist the support of your Representative in Congress!








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