FYI For Your Information
2019 Social Planning Grants
The City of Kamloops invites interested non-profit organizations and societies to submit applications for the 2019 Social Planning Grants. The deadline is Nov. 19, 2018 .

Finalists Announced
The Mayor's Gala for the Arts is a collaborative partnership that brings together the Kamloops Art Gallery , Kamloops Symphony , Western Canada Theatre and the City of Kamloops to acknowledge and celebrate the arts and culture sector of Kamloops.

2018 Link Up
Are you interested in learning how you and your organization can become all-stars in your industry? Yes? Then LinkUp 2018 is the event for you. The event will be held on Thursday November 22 nd. Learn more at Venture Kamloops.
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When would you prefer the January Social?
Wednesday, Jan. 2
Wednesday, Jan. 9
TIL Today I Learned
Fear is the #1 Destroyer of Teamwork and Productivity
People-centered leaders create the conditions necessary to have a corporate climate that does not ridicule, silence, or intimidate the steady flow of new ideas, questions from left field, or experimentation.
Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic
What your inner self-critics needs to do is learn is that focusing on your strengths is a better pathway to success than fixating on weaknesses. Take these three steps and you will become your best critic and champion.
Failure Makes You a Better Leader
Growth comes with struggle and achievement is earned through repeated failures. There’s no way to shortcut the experience that doesn’t also shortchange the outcome. The most valuable things in life aren’t the ones that come easily
ICYMI In Case You Missed It
Mail your referendum
ballot here by Nov 15.
The Fund is a $20 million investment providing up to $100,000 in non-repayable contribution funding for 12 months. Learn more here!