Don't Get Sued Over Wage Errors!
A NM restaurateur is currently being sued for not paying the correct minimum wage.

Though the difference may have only been $500, the claimant is suing for over $180,000.

Don't let this happen to you! heck to make sure all employees are earning at least your region's minimum wage.
2018 NM ProStart Competition is Around the Corner!
This is your future workforce in action!

HIEF and NMRA will host the 16th Annual New Mexico ProStart Invitational on March 5, 2018 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque. Come out and support your local high schools as these students show off the skills they’ve learned and compete for the title of State Champs in Culinary and Management areas.
The Age of Drive-By Lawsuits May Soon be Over
In a new bill passed by the house, the ability for someone to sue a restaurant for lack of ADA compliance may be getting a bit more difficult.

Rather than being able to immediately sue for monetary damages, those suing must first present a written notice to the business and allow up to 120 days for a resolution. 
Santa Fe City and County Minimum Wage is Increasing
The Santa Fe minimum wage will be increasing to $11.40 an hour March 1.

For the City of Santa Fe, the tipped wage will remain $2.13 an hour and Santa Fe County's tipped wage will be $3.41 per hour. 
How are Your Restaurants Metrics? 
Tracking your restaurants metrics could be the key to knowing the inner workings to any profits or losses.

Additionally, the added customer insights allow for more effective marketing campaigns and menu improvements in the future.
The 2018 Legislative Session is Officially Over
The NM legislative session has come to a close.

With a strong focus on passing a budget on time this year, not many non-budget bills made their way through.

Check out the final legislative tracker summarizing the bills the NMRA was watching.
What New Editions Would You Like for Santa Fe?
The City of Santa Fe is extending its deadline for survey responses on what to build in their current open land area.

At the moment, respondents have suggested a dog park or education facilities. What would you like to see?
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