Support your Local Fairgrounds Essay Contest
The Division 3 Winner of the "What the Fairgrounds me to me" Essay Contest is
Emma Tennis
To me the fairgrounds mean the county fair. Every year the county fair has been something I’ve looked forward to since I was a little girl. It has always been one of the funnest weekends of the year. The animals and rodeos are always so much fun to watch. That is the reason I wanted to join 4-H, so I could be part of the fair every year. Showing my animals is very important to me, as I work hard to produce a quality project. The fair is always a great opportunity to present my animals and show my work. The last two fairs I’ve been involved in have been an amazing experience with the different activities and events that took place.

The fairgrounds also mean community and coming together. For instance when we had the Butte Fire the fairgrounds were a place where people could know that their animals were safe and out of danger. Without the fairgrounds many animals may have had no place to go. Also the fairgrounds accepted and helped many people, animals, and firefighters during those hard months.

Without the fairgrounds there would be no place for the Junior Livestock Auction, which funds many kids’ projects in 4-H. We also wouldn’t have a place for the community to hold events like Ag Day for the schools or educate people, especially kids, about animals and agriculture.

The fairgrounds provide a great place for people to come together as well as hold many events for our county. Without the fairgrounds there would be many things we couldn’t do. Our fairgrounds can also be a great place to help people and of course animals out if ever needed. I’m very happy that our county has an amazing fairgrounds for our community.

Congratulations Emma!