The Supported Typing Program presumes competence in every individual and offers a technique that helps enhance the brain/body connection by providing resistive touch, a slow rhythm, and genuine encouragement.
I want to express my appreciation to Abilis (Management and Board) for giving us a home to grow the STeP program and for being so supportive of me and of this process from day one! I also want to thank the Master Trainers who have supported our learning and development, especially Marilyn Chadwick and Pascal Cheng. Inspired by the impact supported typing has had on my son Eytan, I became committed to building both a strong community of communicators who type to express themselves and an effective group of facilitators who can help them.

The quarantine gave us the opportunity to discover what support would look like online and it has enabled us to successfully work with communicators and train facilitators from all over the country and even from other countries. We will continue to offer both in-person and online options for families and professionals.

Please stay in touch with us and let me know how we can best support you. If you aren't already receiving our monthly newsletter with updates, please use the link below to sign up for it so you will know about upcoming trainings, supports, and opportunities for you and your child/client/student to continue to grow and learn.

Susan Nisinzweig
STeP Coordinator
What is STeP?
The Supported Typing Program was launched at Abilis in February 2019 by Susan Nisinzweig (Coordinator) with the guidance of several Master Trainers in Facilitated Communication. This inspiring and effective method to communicate, does co-exist well with other communication strategies. It offers a powerful way for individuals of all ages, abilities and communication challenges to more clearly express their inner thoughts, ideas and feelings.

We are able to work with and support
  • Individual Families
  • Agencies
  • Schools

It takes time, patience and support to learn to become a good facilitator. To support this process we provide programs and trainings led by Master Trainers for communicators and for the facilitators who want to learn how to support them. To ask questions and to get more information, please contact Susan at
Individual, dyads, groups
Individual sessions provide the opportunity for clients to type with our Master Trainers and for the parent and/or staff to be supported in their learning process and receive feedback and guidance. Session may be 1-3 hours.
Dyad's offer opportunities for 2 typers to communicate with each other in a way that they have never been able to do before and to build a deeper friendship.
Sessions are 30 minutes.
Social Groups enable a group (4-6) typers to develop a peer group that they can communicate with about many topics of interest. We select participants that are a good match for each other.
Training opportunities
The Foundations Training is the best way to get started as a facilitator. This is an 8 hour training that is generally a full day in-person workshop. We have also been able to offer online trainings which are done in 4 shorter sessions.
The cost for the training is $150.
Please email me today if you are interested in participating in the next training opportunity.
Workshops have been offered for those who have demonstrated skills as a facilitator, who would like to become coaches and/or trainers themselves. We have had in person workshops and we are also offering more online workshops to support the continued learning and growth of professionals who are committed to supporting typers.
STeP - online options
Supporting Typers via Zoom
During the quarantine, we began working with typers and their facilitators online and it worked out very well. We have seen many families make tremendous progress and we will continue to make online support an available option going forward.

We have been able to offer online:

  • Screening/Intakes
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Social Group Sessions
  • Foundations Training

If you would like get more information or set up an appointment, please contact Susan today at

Online sessions can be for 30 minutes or for 1 hour.
Fees for STeP Services

In person screenings 1.5 hrs - $225
Online screenings 1 hr - $150

Consultation/Coaching Sessions - $150 per hour
1-3 hours in person
30 minutes to 1 hr online

Social Group Sessions - $35
45 minute sessions

Foundations Training - $150
Full day training in-person 9 - 4 PM
4 part training online - video's and 4 Q & A sessions.

Workshops and Coaches' Trainings
Tuition rates may vary depending on the speaker's fee, staffing needs, size of group.
Agency/School groups - request a customized contract to meet your specific needs.
Resources and Support

Read Communication Alternatives in Autism , edited by Edlyn Pena to learn about 10 individuals who type to communicate and their transformational stories.

Watch one or more of these videos so that you can see what Supported Typing or Facilitated Communication looks like and you can begin to understand the impact this can have on one's life.
  1. My Voice (50 mins) Through Matt's story, learn more about the history, controversy, and successes of FC
  2. Unlocked (7 mins) Short film about a group of typers in Forida
  3. The April 2019 presentation at The World Autism Awareness Day at UN Headquarters featured many typers and typing techniques from around the world. View a video of the full program at
Resources to help you get through COVID-19

CLICK HERE to access an 8 page social story to help explain COVID-19 to your child or adult with special needs. This was created by and for adults with disabilities.

Wellspring Guild did a 1 hour webinar on every aspect of helping the disabled to handle this situation - from understanding the virus, to identifying what hurts, to knowing their rights, tool kits, social stories, etc. View Webinar here

Finding Interesting Material to type about:

Every museum, zoo, aquarium, orchestra, etc is offering online opportunities right now. You can make each day a little more interesting by exploring the internet and virtually traveling to local and far away places. is a website that offers many interesting stories about a whole range of topics. There are generally pictures and videos included with each article and these can be a great resource for interesting topics that you can use to learn from and type about with your typer.

Meditation breathing - The ability to breathe rhythmically and deeply is so important to help keep the body relaxed and to feel in balance. Use this for yourself and share it with your son/daughter/client.

Click on the yellow circle to watch a simple but very useful video that will help you and your typer to practice breathing and meditating. Enjoy!

Breathe in 4..3..2..1..0
Hold 4..3..2..1..0
Breathe out 4..3..2..1..0
Hold 4..3..2..1..0
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 Our commitment is to build a strong, solid community of typers
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