Bridge the Gap Campaign and Virtual Event

This is Week #3 of our Bridge the Gap Campaign! We are excited to recognize the Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF) for the many ways they support Cristo Rey Boston, especially for their very generous challenge gift of $250,000 to our Bridge the Gap Campaign.
Your support helps ensure that the pathway to college continues to exist for talented students like Jonaisy and Jhoan, whose stories are below.

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Rosemary J. Powers

PS: Read more about these phenomenal students and tune in on
Wednesday, October 21 at 5 PM to hear their full stories!

Meet Jonaisy, CRB Senior and CSF Scholar

How are you and your family doing?
I am doing well, my family and I are staying indoors and social distancing as much as we can. I am taking classes remotely and we are taking full precautions because my mom has chronic asthma.    
What are you most excited about this academic year?
I am a senior at Cristo Rey Boston and I am excited to finish my last year strong. I am taking 4 AP classes right now.
How are you involved in CRB? 
Because of COVID, I won't be playing sports as I initially planned, but I am able to volunteer as a tutor. I tutor mainly in math.
Can you tell us about your CWSP site? Are you interested in doing similar work in college or as a career?
My CWSP placement is Accenture and this is my second year working there. My job consists of mostly IT work, which I really enjoy; however, I think I would like to be a dentist.
How did your experience at CRB shape your identity? How do the staff and faculty help prepare and support you in achieving your personal and professional goals?
CRB has helped me step out my comfort zone. I have always been the type of student to take school very seriously, but I learned to never be afraid to ask questions, and to use my teachers as supports and resources to help me. I am a very independent student, yet I know I can reach out to any CRB faculty for help- even if they aren't my teacher. I know that teachers are going through a hard time too, but I appreciate that they check up on us to make sure we understand the work and can be successful.

How are you feeling about the transition to college? Do you have a major in mind?
My two top schools are Tufts University and MCPHS. I am very excited as I've been waiting for this for a long time. Since I want to be a dentist, it requires quite a bit of math and science courses. Overall, I am super excited to go through that process.

Help us Bridge the Gap to ensure that our students can continue their education at Cristo Rey Boston! 

Meet Jhoan, CRB Junior and CSF Scholar

Hi Jhoan, how are you and your family doing?
I'm quarantining with my family and everyone is healthy so far- no signs of COVID!
How is the back-to-school transition going?
I am currently attending classes both in-person and remotely. Going back to school has been weird to say the least, as it is the first time I've done online learning to this degree. I also think it is good, not only because of how well the school has been handling it, but because it's a new experience. Learning remotely has forced me to work on my time management. I am much better at preparing my materials before class- and I see that as a real benefit for my future and overall well-being.
Do you have a favorite class? A favorite teacher? 
My favorite class right now is theology or pre-calculus. Favorite teacher... It's hard to choose because I like them all! 
How are you involved in CRB? What are your hobbies and interests?
I'm in the Running Club. I recently picked up the bass and I've been practicing a lot. I am really interested in space and I hope to have a career in engineering. 
Can you tell us more about your CWSP site?
I was at MassHousing for my Freshman and Sophomore year, where I worked on administrative services, shipping, and receiving incoming and outgoing mail. I also worked on archiving physical and online documents. I really enjoyed working there and the experience I gained was very beneficial for my future. Unfortunately, I am not currently working there due to COVID, and am participating in training until my next placement. 
Are you interested in doing similar work in college or as a career? What do you like most about your job or workplace?
I hope to be a rocket scientist, but nevertheless, I am glad I was able to experience an office working environment. Plus, the people there were amazing to work with and for.
CRB and You: How did your experience at CRB shape your identity? How do the staff and faculty help prepare you in achieving your personal and professional goals?
My experience at CRB has been great! I have really enjoyed going here knowing that if I need help with applying to college or with other concerns, that the faculty are available with support and resources. CRB and the CWSP experience have also shaped me to be more independent and mindful. For example, I don't want to be late to work, so I make sure to get enough sleep and check if the trains are delayed. CRB focuses on advancing your time management skills and overall communication skills- I know these will impact me in the jobs I will have in the future.

How are you feeling about the transition to college? Do you have a major in mind?
I'm not sure where I am applying yet, but I feel confident transitioning to college since that is what I have been working up to all my life! I do know that I would like to major in either aerospace or mechanical engineering.
Help us Bridge the Gap to ensure that students like Jhoan can continue their education at Cristo Rey Boston! 

The support of the Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF), Including their annual tuition assistance, their work study partnership, and their extraordinary $250,000 challenge gift now, will make an enormous difference in the lives of our students. It provides funding for tuition that will otherwise be lost due to the recent decline in Corporate Work Study jobs available to Cristo Rey students.

CSF is a nonprofit institution that provides over 4,000 scholarships per year for low-income students to attend high-quality, values-based Catholic schools. Of the students who receive scholarship support from CSF, 100% graduate high school and 98% matriculate to college. These scholarships are expanding access to quality education and providing real opportunity to those most in-need.

CSF remains committed to providing scholarship assistance and program aid for their students and schools. Their primary goals continue to be:
  • Ensuring that all families who wish to send their children to Catholic schools are able to do so regardless of their financial means.
  • Helping schools build sustainability to guarantee a bright future for Catholic education. 
"Cristo Rey Boston provides a unique and engaging experience for students that fosters hard work and success beyond high school while serving the most in-need students," said Mike Reardon, Executive Director of the Catholic Schools Foundation. "We are so proud to invest in the future of these students, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, and support them in their academic careers."
What Can You Do Now?

The impact of the coronavirus crisis on our Corporate Work Study Program has left us with a deficit of over $1m in our budget. 
We need to "Bridge the Gap" to be sure that our students can continue their education at Cristo Rey Boston.

Your generous support will be recognized 


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