Inspiring Progress for 9th Graders

Revere High School, MA: The rise from Level 3 to Level 1
When Dr. Lourenço Garcia became principal of Revere High School in 2012, he recognized that the current traditional school design did not adequately serve students or meet rising standards. He and his staff reorganized resources and implemented a series of integrated changes, many of which targeted support to the school's highest-need students in Grade 9.

Get behind-the-scenes access in our video, and experience how the Freshmen Academy contributed to Revere's rise from a Level 3 to a Level 1 school in three years, which included an increase of 9 and 11 percentage points in ELA and math, respectively.

Tool: ERS School Designer

A tool for systemwide School Design
School systems play a vital role in supporting successful school design. With the right support, they can transform the school planning process from one of compliance to one of strategy and innovation. ERS' School Designer integrates districts' planning and budgeting processes so that key resource decisions, including those related to a school's schedule, staffing plan, and budget, are tightly aligned with its needs and improvement strategy. 

Our new, free version of School Designer is a one-stop shop for school design.

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Because our students need more than a few great schools.

The call for increasing the rigor of instruction for all students, especially lower-income and students of color, requires designing schools with the right structures to support this shift. To move beyond one-school-at-a-time reform to help every school create these structures, districts must seize the opportunity to support strategic school design by implementing targeted changes in policies, processes, and supports.

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