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Work with data, not paper, with HydroApps and take your operations to the next level! HydroApps’ comprehensive, single platform web-based applications are designed and made by aquatic professionals, for aquatic professionals to help your pool run better by lowering risk, reducing your costs, and enhancing safety at your facility.
HydroApps is a suite of web-applications for aquatic facility owners, operators, and service providers that are designed to:
·           Lower Risk – by tracking every aspect of an effective operations and risk management program, from certifications to training to performance, proactively preventing costly incidents and providing instant insight into trends occurring within your facility.
·          Reduce Cost – by digitizing compliance, documentation, and record-keeping. Put more data at your fingertips instead of on pages, spreadsheets, or calendars. Improve risk management, enhance the safety and sustainability of your facility, increase revenue, and decrease your costs and expenses.
·           Enhance Safety – by improving staff readiness and performance to prevent illness and injury. HydroApps can be used to develop operational plans to enhance water safety, reduce the risk of injury, and the spread of disease. Plus, HydroApps reduces the cost of compliance and documentation required to run a safe, healthy facility.
HydroApps includes 18 modules to enhance your aquatic operations across four applications: Facility Manager, Lifeguard Manager, Schedule Manager, and Pool Test, to help you manage risk and operations at your facility, meet your scheduling needs, and take the stress out of operations. Together with AOAP, HydroApps promotes enhanced risk management, water safety, and drowning prevention across the industry to serve and enrich the aquatic experience.
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