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March 19, 2020 

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As we face the new landscape we find ourselves in amid the COVID 19, your team at CBOT are monitoring the ever changing recommendations to keep Ontario and beyond as healthy as possible and to minimize risk.
As business leaders we are all facing many new decisions and business processes.  Following the announcement from the Federal Government yesterday there will be a  new set of economic measures to help stabilize the economy during this challenging period. We are all anxious to learn how and when this funding will be released and will continue to encourage the government to share this information sooner than later.
In the mean time, we are recommending that all business owners begin documenting the impact COVID 19 has had on your business and employees.  This information may be very useful to  better inform levels of government in order for them to effectively roll out the Economic Release Plan.
Ensuring you are documenting information surrounding these points consistently:
  1. Is your workforce impacted?  
    Are you implementing any layoffs? total employees? 
    Are you able to encourage any employees to work from home? Is this effective for the time being?
    Any technical challenges?
    Costs incurred for interactive platforms?  
  1. Any shift of focus on any other aspect of your business?
  1. Any impact on production / sales ? How is this being addressed?
  1. Is your supply chain impacted? How is this being addressed?
  1. Are you anticipating any long term impact to your business? (2020 or beyond)
We are here for your business. Please let us know if you need any further information or if there is any support we can provide
We will reach out to you in the next few weeks as we respect this is a time where focus on your business and employees is first priority.
Don't forget to refer to our webpage for the latest news and updates www.cbot.ca/covid-19

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