Supporting Each Other Must Go On(Line)!
Spring has sprung! Although we were not able to spend Easter gathered outside with family and friends, I hope everyone still enjoyed their holiday as much as the McShane Family did.

As many of us settle into our shelter in place routines and check emails from the couch, supporting each other during this time must go on(line)! In this newsletter I will share a couple of important virtual meetings via zoom in the last few weeks that supports small business and first responders in our region. I will also share a link to an important call with a Monterey County Covid-19 victim who has some advice to share with you.

There are a few other updates in this newsletter from the City of Salinas, Monterey Bay Community Power, and some local small business highlights.

I am still very much running to win Monterey County Supervisor this November. I appreciate all the support the last six weeks and will encourage you to stay tuned as we ramp things up in the coming month under this new normal. I welcome your emails, feedback and advice directly by simply replying to this newsletter. 

Stay safe, stay well.

A visit from the Easter Bunny!
Bright & early *Easter Celebration* at the McShane Home and then a visit to the strawberry field.

Both loved the special visit from the Easter Bunny. Pretty sure they figured out is was me right away.

Nothing beats *first of the season* strawberries right off the ranch.

Leadership for Small Business During the Pandemic.

  I'm proud to say that I authored legislation that passed the Salinas City Council last week to assist local small business. This includes support for technical finance assistance in English & Spanish as well as delayed deadlines for business licenses and fees.

Additional direction has been given to staff to expand revolving loan guarantees for small business. I also hosted a Zoom Call that included leadership from the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce , Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce , Monterey County Board of Supervisors Chair , Chris Lopez, the Monterey County Business Council & several regional small businesses. 

Relief Funding for Monterey County
I currently serve as the Chair of the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments . As such, I have worked with staff and King City Mayor Mike to go about applying for Coronavirus relief funds for the region. 

This would result in up to $150 per capita in relief funding if we can get the region to quality. This was recently covered on KION.  You can check out the story here.
City of Salinas Press Conference in Rsponse to COVID-19
I have been attending & broadcasting weekly press conferences that the City is hosting in response to COVID-19. This is in addition to pushing out / sharing information for residents and local businesses via social media platforms. 

Here's some quick take aways from our most recent press conference.  

  • The City has closed City Hall, Libraries, and Parks.
  • The City has cancelled all commission meetings.
  • The City passed an order limiting evictions for both residential and commercial before the State action.
  • The City continues to provide essential services including Police, Fire and infrastructure maintenance.
  • The City is working closely with the County Health Department and the County Office of Emergency Services.
Main Street Upgrades Begin
For more than (8) years, I have been involved in an effort to champion a serious investment in our Downtown and I'm proud to say we've finally begun!

Starting last month, contractors moved in to complete a set of major upgrades to Main Street in Salinas. These will include lighting, public art, seating, landscaping and infrastructure upgrades.

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Tech Start Up In Marina Offers Serious Aid During COVID-19
This week, I was happy to recognize Joby Aviation in Marina and the City of Marina on account of their unique partnership with the County of Monterey to establish a 400 bed low acute medical overflow unit at the Marina Airport.

A 80,000 square foot aviation tent that was already under construction will be fast-tracked and re-purposed within three weeks. Joby is a high tech start-up in the business of all-electric air taxi services. 

Local Small Business Highlights
I encourage you to join me in supporting small business while exercising social distancing and protection. Here's a sampling of some of the local small businesses I've visited in the last week:

Beerded Bean in downtown Salinas and Khao San Thai Kitchen is open for business & ready to serve.

Furey's is an *incredible* place for a haircut in Downtown Salinas. Click here to buy a gift card from Furey's.

Support a local business today!
Electricity Bill Relief for Residential and Business customers of MBCP
I am a co-founder and Vice Chair of a $300M Community Electricity Utility called Monterey Bay Community Power. I am proud to vote to support this action as an immediate response to the pandemic & relief to both residential and business customers.

Monterey Bay Community Power just voted to reduce *ALL* electricity bills in our service area by 50% for May and June. This action represents an immediate $6.8 million direct impact to both residential and commercial customers.
Here's your chance to hear from a Monterey County Covid-19 victim.
More and more we have had personal friends and family impacted by COVID-19. I was able to interview a friend that is currently suffering from COVID-19. She's a friend and also a single mother of two that contracted Covid-19 via community contact. I appreciate her bravery to tell her story during an interview with me. You can listen / watch here :
Zoom Meeting: "First Responders and Covid-19"
Hear From Our Local First Responders Here
This week I had a great conversation with first responders here in Monterey County. We discussed what is being done to keep the public safe and what measures can be taken to ensure the safety of our community in the coming weeks with Covid-19.

The McShane for County Superivsor Campaign needs your support. Please consider sharing this newsletter via social media or forwarding it. Please consider volunteering and making a small financial contribution.